Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal: New Report

Armstrong's teammates testify against him in a scathing report.
3:00 | 10/11/12

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Transcript for Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal: New Report
george. Now, to the bombshell report in the doping case against lance armstrong. Nearly all of his own teammates testifying against him. Saying, he not only took drugs himself, but helped them dope, as well. Abc's neal karlinsky has the Reporter: Rare home video, a revealing look inside lance armstrong's team at the 1999 tour de France. Smile. Reporter: This morning, many of the same loyal teammates who carried armstrong to seven tour de France victories, are burying him under an avalanche of testimony that he cheated to win. The massive u.S. Anti-doping case file includes financial transactions. More than $1 million, paid by armstrong to t controversial italian doctor, ferrari. And sworn affidavits from 26 people, including nearly a dozen former teammates. The stories are sad and they're chilling. But they're overly powerful. Reporter: The agency says even armstrong's ex-wife, kristen, was in on the drug use, which she called unnecessary evil. And his friend and teammate testified, he was aware that armstrong used blood transfusion. That armstrong used testosterone throughout the time they were teammates. Even that he once swept armstrong's apartment for drugs. And that he warned him about drug testing agents when they showed up. And cappie, like the others, admitted his own doping as part of his testimony. But like armstrong, never tested positive. To deny the reality of lance's doping after this report, would be like denying gravity. Reporter: Officials say armstrong tried to maintain a Telling cappie to stay in europe to avoid testifying. And telling others to sign affidavits, to procure false testimony. As he said before, when he decided he had had enough of this kangaroo court, enough is enough. And I don't anticipate him doing anything to try to contest this one-sided report. Reporter: According to sworn affidavits, drugs were such a big part of lance armstrong's life, his ex-wife told people they had code name for epo. They called it butter because they kept it in with the butter in their refrigerator at home. George? Wow. Okay, neal. Thanks very much.

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{"id":17450630,"title":"Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal: New Report","duration":"3:00","description":"Armstrong's teammates testify against him in a scathing report.","url":"/GMA/video/lance-armstrong-doping-scandal-report-17450630","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}