Larry Birkhead Reveals Life After the Death of Anna Nicole Smith

E! special offers an inside look at the life of Smith's daughter, Danielynn.
3:16 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for Larry Birkhead Reveals Life After the Death of Anna Nicole Smith
leave the ballroom. You'll see it on abc. Inside the day in the life with anna nicole smith's daughter. Now, she is far from the bright lights of hollywood. Deborah roberts has their story. Reporter: Good morning, george. Larry birkhead is one of the world's best-known single dads. And he gave us a glimpse of his life inside with dannielynn, earlier this year. We discovered that he's deeply devoted to his little girl. And trying against all odds to give her a happy and normal childhood. An ambulance. 'Cause your daddy's little girl. Reporter: It was a rare glimpse into the everyday life of a not-so-everyday family. I spent the last several years just being -- ignoring all the things that happened. And being as happy as I can. Reporter: Larry birkhead opens up about life after the death of his girlfriend, anna nicole smith, a life he leads in kentucky with their 7-year-old daughter, dannielynn, and his extended family. I thought that would be the safe place to get away from everything. Dannielynn for the win. Reporter: And while the former photographer tries to lead a normal life, he says his relationship with anna nicole was anything but. It was crazy. Wild. Volatile. Reporter: Right up to the moment his platinum bombshell would reveal a bombshell of her own. Telling him she was pregnant with dannielynn, via text message. She sent an emoticon thing of a baby. And I can't tell everyone. Reporter: Dannielynn was 5 months old when her mother died of a toxic drug combination in 2007. An epic custody battle followed. Until paternity tests proved birkhead was the father. This story was probably one of the most dramatic ones of the decade. There's no surprise that people are still obsessed with this. Reporter: Since smith's passing, birkhead has tried to keep dannielynn out of the spotlight. But he gave me access to their lives earlier this year. Every little girl has a vision of their mom being this hero to them. She doesn't have that. Reporter: It's tough, huh? Today, dannielynn will infert her estate. And like modeling, dannielynn knows little about anna nicole and her tumultuous life. At this point, she thinks her mom is a pretty person. And she watches over everything in heaven. Reporter: Larry is accused of exploiting anna nicole's name in memory. There was a short-lived opera about her life. He told us that he's trying to deal with the hand he was dealt as best he can, folks. That is just a larger-than-life legacy of this woman. And he's trying to give his daughter some sense of normalcy. They've been here in the studio with us. And just so loving. He's a good guy. He is. Deb, you look great. Thank you. I'm coming in again. And now, we move on to the

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{"id":20860988,"title":"Larry Birkhead Reveals Life After the Death of Anna Nicole Smith","duration":"3:16","description":"E! special offers an inside look at the life of Smith's daughter, Danielynn.","url":"/GMA/video/larry-birkhead-reveals-life-death-anna-nicole-smith-20860988","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}