'The Larry Sanders Show' Cast Reunion of Cutting-Edge HBO Series

Entertainment Weekly welcomes cast back together from classic TV show.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Larry Sanders Show' Cast Reunion of Cutting-Edge HBO Series
We had so much fun with our friends at "entertainment weekly," bringing back all of the old favorites. We're reuniting the crew from "the larry sanders show." Chris connelly was there. He's here to tell us all about it. Hey, chris. Reporter: Good morning, george. AS I WAS AN EXTRA IN THE '90s, It was probably ahead of its time. Influential for shows like "30 rock," "curb your enthusiasm." Most of my fan mail matches the handwriting of the unabomber. Reporter: During the 1990s, "the larry sanders show" was a sitcom with a serrated edge. Is there a problem or something? I'm walking right now. Right. Reporter: This reunion for "entertainment weekly" is a reminder of how ahead of its time larry sanders was. Serving up some of those awkward comedy moments. I support it completely. You are gay and I'm straight. That's okay. I'm not gay. I'm also straight. I'm glad we talked about it. Sometimes I do wish that i was gay, recently, because i find you very attractive. Reporter: It stars garry shandling as its host. Johnny carson was going off the air then. Hbo was open to doing a show about a talk show. Very centered. Life must be good, huh? I'm drunk. Reporter: Jeffrey tambor shines as the sidekick hank kinsley. Hey, now. You said it again. I didn't think hey, now, is going to deliver. And he made, just say it. Reporter: Staffers like mary lynn rajskub. Penny johnson, and wallace langham. Suzanommers thunderstorm. Do you want her to bring the thighmaster? You keep going. You don't stop. You just keep going. That was the great thing that i loved about it. Reporter: Jeffrey, you said this show changed your life. I di when I read the script, I said, I can see it. I think I was probably the most affirmative of anybody. That baby is leaking something. And that something smells like gas. The writing was unbelievable. You spoiled us. Completely spoiled us. I haven't really done any comedy that comes close to having the depth and the jokes. With the backdrop of hollywood. You know these people. You work with these people every day. It's relatable. Reporter: The show seemed so true to life, that it turned out to be, true to life. Now and then, I would get a call from one or more from the actual talk shows saying, that actual happened. Did somebody tell you that? Ladies and gentlemen, alec baldwin. I remember when he came on, we went crazy. Actually, larry, you and i have something in common. Yes? Yes, we do. you probably don't know that alec and I -- alec used to date my ex-wife, francine. No. I was referring to our charity work with multiple sclerosis. Reporter: Did anyone do a show like this in 2012? I tend to think it's timeless because real moments are timeless. But I did write for hallmark for a year and a half. And I can assure you, real moments are timeless. No flipping. We'll be right back. Reporter: From newcomers like penny, to old veterans like rip torn, so much affection for gary sa shandling for what he did for their careers. If gary had to do it over again, more seasons but fewer shows in those seasons. We would have loved that. Thank you, chris. Guess who is standing beside me, george.

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{"id":17462571,"title":"'The Larry Sanders Show' Cast Reunion of Cutting-Edge HBO Series","duration":"3:00","description":"Entertainment Weekly welcomes cast back together from classic TV show.","url":"/GMA/video/larry-sanders-show-cast-reunion-cutting-edge-hbo-17462571","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}