Firefighter Allegedly Tried to Have Wife Killed for $600

Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the case against a Las Vegas firefighter and a homeless man.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Firefighter Allegedly Tried to Have Wife Killed for $600
america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. We're going to bring in nancy grace from atlanta. And here in new york, "gma's" legal analyst, dan abrams. Good morning to you both. Nancy, I want to start with you. There's lots of circumstantial evidence as this case lays out. How strong does the case seem? I have three names that summarize the case. They are walmart, pawnshops and palm's casino. Everybody knows the degree, the surveillance, at walmart. And here you have this firefighter, a west point grad, I might add, hanging out with a homeless guy. And they go on several shopping sprees. They're all caught on video. And, dan abrams, you know the sophistication used at walmart to catch shoplifters. Nasa could get tips from them. Then, at a pawnshop. He pays another friend, 200 bucks, to pawn the wife's wedding band and ring. And of course, they go cash in her tips at the palm's casino, even more security cameras. It's a video game for a jury. And the key is going to be linking the two of them, right? He may have done it. I'm not -- likely will be his defense, which is trying to distance himself as much as possible from stevens. Saying, he may have had something to do with this. I have something to do with it. I had him do odd jobs around my house, et cetera. But you can't link me to the crime. The problem is, when you're talking about 86 phone calls -- that's a lot of phone calls. And this is -- I talked about this before. Hit men don't exist. You can't call and find a hitman. So, people end up turning to their local homeless guy sometimes and offering them $600. Or a -- only $600? That handy man. When you said the key, I thought you were being literal. But remember, this guy, this firefighter, west point grad, goes and gets an extra key made to his wife's apartment. And there's no forced entry. There's nothing. The homeless guy clearly used the key the firefighter made and gave him. Doesn't this, both of you, seem surprisingly low-rent for a murder-for-hire plot? Not just $600. But kill her with a hammer? First of all, he was supposed to allegedly pay up to $20,000. But murder-for-hire and we talked about this before, it doesn't happen how it happens in the movies. There's no brad pitt out there to be hired to do this sort of stuff. The other thing is, the use a homeless guy, noel stevens, to turn state's evidence against the husband. You think think cut a deal with him, nancy? Yeah. I do. I noticed that they -- the lawyer says he didn't do the crime. He may not have bludgeoned the woman to death. But to say he was the mastermind is a gross exaggeration, the reality is, I want to break it down to the victim. When paramedics got there, they could not tell -- the injuries were so severe, whether she had been shot or bludgeoned to death. Can you imagine that oscar-winning performance when the husband comes in and goes -- when he finds his dead wife. Please. That's why I don't think think will cut a deal with stevens. I don't think that the person the authorities believe bludgeoned her, that they cut some sort of deal with him. If they got such a strong case -- with the hammer that the husband bought at walmart. If they have the strong case with the surveillance video you outlined, with the receipts, with the cell phone calls, why would they cut a deal with either side? I don't know why prosecutors ever cut deals. I think they should all stew in the same pot together. But they may cut a deal with the homeless guy, to ensure that guilty verdict on the husband. Not going to happen. That would be the only reason. I hope you're right, dan. Okay. Dan, nancy, we'll be staying on top of this, as the court proceedings continue.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the case against a Las Vegas firefighter and a homeless man.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17488269","title":"Firefighter Allegedly Tried to Have Wife Killed for $600","url":"/GMA/video/las-vegas-firefighter-allegedly-wife-killed-hiring-homeless-17488269"}