Latest Over-the-Top Wedding Dress Trends

Randy Fenoli reveals extreme wedding dress styles creating a buzz in 2012.
6:21 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Latest Over-the-Top Wedding Dress Trends
So take everything that you know about wedding dresses and organics. Rides are rewriting the rules this year not every woman walking down the aisle -- be -- -- -- strapless white guarantee. CBC's Paul affair shows us the latest in extreme bridal. Ask any -- fictional or real and she'll tell you. Almost as important as finding the perfect mayhem is unveiling the perfect dress to Wear in the big -- This year there are a dizzying number of options available to women headed down BI -- Fashion insiders I spoke with -- calling 2012 a watershed here arguing -- morning John dropping off their house. And the bridal industry has seen him. Years received weddings -- reflection of the -- personal style and she wants her wedding raid on her wedding dress to reflect her personal style. -- -- -- One sleeves to remember those days when it seemed like every one was getting married in strapless or sleeveless dresses. Well many -- still -- but the -- the return of the -- He can blame the trend almost entirely on -- middle tensions at -- Tremendous effect ever since we've seen interest in the -- momentum is actually picked up and now we're getting in so many requests to Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen confection K -- and showing up in various incarnations on brought on Monday. Bridal trends for Q -- -- slit. Just because sleeves art in. Doesn't mean that the desire to look sexy and the big date is out to forcing a very sexy trend where the primary process and scanned and are seeing this and -- -- And -- fist just -- it even making appearances can -- -- -- -- for a -- -- absolutely not only is it just fun engine on the design but also two of the bride wants to do really -- she would you really get a chance to see it despite wearing a ball again. And complete. Unusual entrances skin carnac sheen's marriage may -- only lasted seventeen days to fashion experts say -- influence into. And -- has made a lasting dent in the bridal industry. During -- visit to New York's famous bridal emporium clientele we found -- going downtown over the Russia had pieces also making headgear waves. -- -- In 1970 style pants cars pet rats I definitely and that's something really kind of Gypsy and beautiful about them. -- -- number of our next you -- just right pants and pants suits are increasingly popular for the modern bride. Molly -- and hit new Manhattan boutiques don't fox bride. He says pink suits are an ideal option for what she calls the downtown -- it's a dry and wants to do something totally opposite of the conventional letting down this would be a good option. And finally. -- trend -- side toddler this year expect to see more solid colored dresses in pink sixteen blues. -- -- -- -- And for the sophisticated bride looking to have -- runway moment when she walks down the -- look no farther than the most recent beer wine collection. Which features a series of -- letting -- my -- You want to stray away from traditional point -- -- watch. I think parents want to be themselves these are very confident they're less traditional it won't make a statement. So now we take a closer look at some of those hot trends joining us is Randy finally host of TLC's say yes to the draft and you're saying yes to these trends. Well -- for every -- He's -- -- -- the extreme look. -- this is really. More of an expression of what that -- wants to say. There are a lot of options out there for them which is really Grammy fun to get our first look this is an example of -- sleeves are back in a big quake they -- -- -- yes you know. On this is Elizabeth Fillmore and that thing about sleeves where it's kind of trend because. With the couldn't -- he really can't raise your arms so this is a great option because it has this removable jackets. And it condit's central point in the back which is really pretty it's -- -- -- and gorgeous I really -- how you can have the sleeves and then have your -- utilities -- exactly take take and now. John thank you very much and I -- look. He is that sled. I'm not sure how I feel about the -- on the wedding -- -- -- a little -- a lag it's definitely a look for that very sophisticated. Similar but smaller intimate wedding. Probably one that you know main include your grandmother is going to gas for your -- -- whatever -- older -- -- -- little money or money choice that -- -- and sophisticated -- like to call myself. So this is on Douglas -- that we don't appreciate it that it says -- back -- -- signal. I'm here for some time news it's a really pretty drafts from look at her an Oscar -- -- my little and they didn't do it for -- -- absolutely that's really great thank you so much. Our next look is variable -- I love the bohemian look. I never seen it on a wedding dad to get done a fine you know what once again this is a very specific look of pride -- -- to step out of the box and really talk about her own personality that has had a very Ali McGraw. -- it's -- electric -- and some killer. Funds used shoes are great friends right now he's out of -- you spend 600 dollars on a great -- -- -- ever watch. That gas then there's the six steel issues that are he would probably after the -- are you don't regret doing asked on the road when you're showing your pictures your -- this is -- very specific look and you really have to be gold and competent to -- this so. I'm this is probably not going to be like when a million I applaud individuality and we thank you could pick up right what you think about the long term ramifications I agree I really speaking of home -- and -- -- blocked RY you know on it I've only seen a few where it is really looking at gothic right. And here's the reality is that it's designers are gonna start designing black wedding dresses and they're gonna get the job isn't going to be called evening -- Right -- For that gothic brightly that by the went to step out of the the box or -- never letting for the second wedding this is it right about that thing is that it is that we are it's about to look about it's about fashion line. It's and it's really about individuality and every single -- can really. Have her look on her wedding and we -- -- we've shown you several of them and we say go for instance but it makes you feel good for more information on. These dresses you can go to our website Good Morning America I'm not.

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{"id":15554979,"title":"Latest Over-the-Top Wedding Dress Trends","duration":"6:21","description":"Randy Fenoli reveals extreme wedding dress styles creating a buzz in 2012.","url":"/GMA/video/latest-top-wedding-dress-trends-15554979","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}