Lauren Scruggs Takes First Steps After Accident

The young fashion editor who walked into a propeller took her first steps.
2:58 | 12/08/11

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Transcript for Lauren Scruggs Takes First Steps After Accident
From -- Scruggs we've been following the former models recovery since that gruesome accident which you are pregnant the plane blades of the spinning propeller. And her family is taking -- this morning after watching Lauren take her first steps. It is -- -- -- is -- and -- -- more and Ryan you also spoke to the paramedics who reached warned just minutes after the accident. I did George good morning to you they have quite a story to tell they were certain this young woman would not survive and now like so many of us. They are happily following every detail of her remarkable recovery. -- Scruggs is not just talk game she's walked game. Her family says the 23 year old walked down a hole at this Dallas hospital. With the help of the physical therapist. Halfway there they say she said thirty. Her parents and twin sister asked what she meant did say she replied -- steps. She apparently had been counting the whole time how much did you know when you first got the call. Now a lot of that they came as a dramatic entry that no one is more amazed by Lawrence progress then these two paramedics. Here. They were among the first to treat the model. Minutes after an airplane propeller sliced off her hands and left dashes in her face and shoulder. Get here since I got out and don't -- us think -- probably. Not going to be as bad because -- -- -- And then when we got over there and and and saw the extent of the injuries it was. -- -- -- -- -- Can't take your breath away. We knew -- -- was okay she was talking to us and then. And the essence of our questions and really went to control -- bleeding that was that number one priority -- and tied two stabilizer. These veteran paramedics say they have never seen injuries like Lauren -- as they lifted her into a medical helicopter. They didn't have much hope. We -- honestly didn't expect to survive just to the extent of the injuries and with. Lacerations she had on her head in the skull fracture that we. Thought for sure there was to be significant brain damaged house rankings are out there. He is one of many who believe their prayers for a Lauren. Have been answer -- yankees and execute. Doctors caution the young online fashion editor is still at risk for infection still may lose her left die. And will almost certainly never looked like this again. But for her family and for these men who helped save her. The fact that she's talking and now walking. Is nothing short of miraculous. Got some jump find out what happens your patients so in this in this instance with it's a step past neck injury as myself that -- doing. Consumer better. Lauren has already endured several surgeries she has many more to go including many reconstructive surgeries. If you would like to find out how to help her family you can do so let our website

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"The young fashion editor who walked into a propeller took her first steps.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15111685","title":"Lauren Scruggs Takes First Steps After Accident","url":"/GMA/video/lauren-scruggs-mend-15111685"}