Lauren Scruggs: Plane's Pilot Details Accident

NTSB investigation reveals new details moments before former model's accident.
2:34 | 01/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lauren Scruggs: Plane's Pilot Details Accident
Investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board brings -- new details this morning -- exactly what happened. To -- -- the former model who suffered severe injuries last month when she walked into a deadly airline propeller. For the first time we're hearing from the plane's pilot an ABC's Ryan -- says that story from Dallas good morning Ryan. Good morning to you George Lauren is out of the hospital this morning but for the very first time we're getting a deal what happened from the pilot's seat. The in TSB has interviewed -- Richmond. Who police identified as the pilot. And -- need six weeks after a model Lauren Scruggs walked head on into that airplane propeller. So many are still wondering how could it happen. This morning for the first time the pilot is providing -- -- Kirk Richman told investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board he warned -- 43 year old to stay away from the front of the plane Richman says he leaned out of his seat and placed his right hand and army in front of her. To divert her from the front of the plane -- the propeller. He continued to keep his arm extended and told the passenger that she should walk behind the airplane. The pilot could not say -- Scruggs heard and over the roar of that propeller. He just landed at this small airport north of Dallas after taking the online fashion editor on a quick flight to look at Christmas lights. He says he kept the engine running because he was just stopping long enough for Scruggs to get -- NN new passenger to get Dan Richman told investigators he watched her leave the plane turned to -- left to look for the next passenger. When he heard someone yell stop stop. And he immediately shut down the engine and saw the passenger lying in front of the airplane. Letting somebody out of the airplane. -- -- -- With the proper running of the engine going is not a wise idea there's no law against it. But most pilots would not do that because lot of things that scares you the most and I give somebody walking -- that propeller. ABC news has tried to reach the pilot several times but he has not spoken publicly since this happened on December 3. Scruggs his parents have said they believe their daughter hit the propeller. When she turned to thank the pilot is nobody's -- been looking around like them slogans and horrific accident. -- Scruggs lost her hand and her -- in that accident as you might remember. This morning she continues her rehab and George her mother has posted on the web site. That at times her pain. Is simply excruciating. And I'm sure that OK right thanks very much.

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{"id":15385311,"title":"Lauren Scruggs: Plane's Pilot Details Accident","duration":"2:34","description":"NTSB investigation reveals new details moments before former model's accident.","url":"/GMA/video/lauren-scruggs-planes-pilot-details-accident-15385311","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}