Lauren Scruggs Recovery: Role of Family, Faith

Dr. Besser discusses the model's recovery from a plane propeller accident.
1:58 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for Lauren Scruggs Recovery: Role of Family, Faith
Spring and doctor -- -- now and that was talk about the stages of a recovery. She's not gonna get her vision back. That her left -- but how does that affect her overall pitch well -- -- win you lose 19 you're gonna lose about 25% of your visual field. But the good news is that at at about a month. Half the people who -- there's -- one I have adjusted to that in about a year about all of them have. They're driving they're functioning they're working in they have to learn. They hear what to do without that little bit bit -- vision but the recovery is very very hard about the options for replacing her lost him. Well you know from the photos it looks like the the loss of her arm is is -- is below the elbow in that's a good thing. To be an incredible advances in in artificial hands a lot having to do with the with treating war veterans. It's already expected she'll be able to get a prosthesis. He gives her a lot of function and this whole family we've seen such a positive attitude from the parents especially in and heard such great things. About war and they credit. The power of prayer. You know as a pediatrician I -- cared for a lot of children with severe severe injuries and illnesses and you really have to look at the family and what their supports our. A Stanley -- -- is closing communicates well they're getting they're gonna draw together even closer feeling it -- and can be pulled apart. -- -- -- get support through faith community that can really help with during that recovery period knowing that people care knowing that people are praying for them that can have a lot of value. Many patients are reluctant to talk to their doctors about this only about 10%. Patients who use prayer we'll talk to their doctors in the it's really important it's not to be open. I think most doctors would in U you know -- warns moms using a plot to express which he's going through. That can be very therapeutic to be able to express that it's hard there's ups and downs to recovery. Looking at those photos you know -- filled with hope. But it's going to be a long process and having that prayer knowing that people care. We'll do a lot for this family getting through this whole thing he sees me doing that Cambridge to inspect and never underestimate the power of prayer.

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{"id":15392486,"title":"Lauren Scruggs Recovery: Role of Family, Faith","duration":"1:58","description":"Dr. Besser discusses the model's recovery from a plane propeller accident.","url":"/GMA/video/lauren-scruggs-recovery-role-family-faith-15392486","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}