Lavish Celebrity Trailers: Smith, Cowell, Kutcher

Lavish digs for celebrities on shoots make headlines, cause headaches for some.
4:54 | 11/11/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lavish Celebrity Trailers: Smith, Cowell, Kutcher
Now for a little find supersize me it started with fast food and now well let's move on to trailers he's -- eighteen -- -- There wonders if the latest trend in celebrity comedy -- super sized trailers. Keeping stars comfy when filming on location and Will Smith Ashton Kutcher he's mobile -- have been making big headlines in. Causing a little trouble when movie -- come to town. Take a look. Will Smith mega -- is -- -- Plenty and parked it on an already crowd in New York City street -- -- -- look -- Seven treatment. He brought his safety girl calls -- to -- Two and a Half Men shooting in -- run and an empire again. Simon callow said. The studio is he calls it doesn't really matter just as long as it measures up to -- Music -- and Will -- Just that I'd like one has been my trailer removing your trailer. 300000. Dollars worth of electronic see showers and even Cheney's hidden in nearest. These are a far cry from that typical trailers of yesteryear. That's like these are more aptly named mobile estates. Clearly understands. The Anderson family -- revolutionize the industry creating things never -- possible. On eighteen wheels. Possibly the most high tech. 11100 square feet fourteen flat screen TV news push control panel. Electronics. And are costing 2.2 million dollars. So this is big Lilly's big trip. -- -- -- -- Street control in this controlled all computerized is the highest tech -- that rules around. Well actually I you know -- -- has begun its own tech savvy but he's got -- entourage of thirty be let go button -- -- trailer had everything from a doctor on call provided by guardian 24/7. Not to mention TV for every occasion he doesn't like that's easy to watch the big screen right next on yet you'll hear about stars not want -- trailers. -- -- -- -- Door open and he doesn't -- Steam shower regular TV. Right about terms because you can't wait three minutes to -- -- their particular what are you able gamers now this is the upstairs. Not too shabby 360 degree view windows all the way around hundreds -- -- -- This is where will watch as Good Morning America hating America court. Some -- who -- need to do you think one of the units. We get a sneak peek inside the world -- designed specifically for Simon Cowell. This will be Simon Cal's home away from home -- and office while granite floors lost going to be able to let other reviews and the Italian fabrics -- Ounces that was just a few weeks ago this is what it looks like today. Now finished the video features. -- -- Tall all at a cost of one point six million dollars what's the craziest star request you've -- -- some -- for the bedroom. But some scanner. -- -- -- Check out the Athens completely furnished bedroom and -- and Jay -- was perfect -- -- considering American Idol it's also. Killer Vin Diesel and Ryan Reynolds and you -- -- -- for one point one million dollars. I love the interior design. -- feels like a -- this is Vin Diesel -- cave business like his little office area schools the curtains close obvious separate entrance fortunately company you can just. Kind of close things -- -- bodies in here I mean. We got 3000 dollar toilet Coleman's clearly -- -- -- it is ridiculous. Itself. Because stars don't need to -- upstairs is that room and played an area beautiful -- center. Right here is actually -- here. In Irvine somewhere -- remains pops up and have everything out I've said many times -- English butlers without the accident. Just try to imagine if you will tailgating and one of these bad boys whether you like high tech -- country casual. Anderson mobile estates could just have the trailer. He's -- and The Andersons are now taking it to the next level if as if you could imagine there was the next level. Now there's a three story trailer complete with an outside roof deck cell. Hope will -- -- about parking that downtown in New York everybody that is what's happening in Hollywood.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"Lavish digs for celebrities on shoots make headlines, cause headaches for some.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14931631","title":"Lavish Celebrity Trailers: Smith, Cowell, Kutcher","url":"/GMA/video/lavish-celebrity-trailers-smith-simon-cowell-asthon-kutcher-14931631"}