Lawsuit Filed Over 'Midnight Rider' Camera Woman's On-Set Death

Sarah Jones, 27, was struck by a train and killed while shooting on train tracks in Georgia.
4:09 | 05/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lawsuit Filed Over 'Midnight Rider' Camera Woman's On-Set Death
massive Hollywood lawsuit. Rock star Greg almond and movie producers sued over the death ofe a young woman, killed while filming a movie about almond's life. It is. The lawsuit names Greg almond, the film's director and others in the protection, as well as csx railroad company in the death of the young woman on the crew. It accuses the director of setting up a scene on an active train track, withoutzv permission from the railroad, placing Sara Jones and the rest of the crew in danger. Deep in the swampland of Georgia is a eventualries old train trestle. Itb was here that William hurt and a crew of 20 gathered to film a dream sequence about Gregg Allman's life. Trying to shoot on the bridge? William hurt, playing Gregg allmen, sitting in a hospital bed. Reporter: According to the lawsuit, the movie's crew waited for two freight trains to roar past before they were ordered to set up the bed and the cameras on the tracks. But as the director, Randall miller, yelled action -- the dream sequence scene turned into so, the entire crew, they're all on the bridge. And somebody yells, a train is coming. A train's coming. And then, everybody starts scrambling. Reporter: A third train, two stories high, nearly as wide as the trestle itself, was on them in seconds. One of the camera crew, 27-year-old Sara Jones, was one of several who could not make it to safety. All these people are trapped. And ultimately, the train hits the bed. It just created shrapnel. Shrapnel apparently hit her and caused her to knock her into the train. Reporter: She was killed instantly? Apparently so. Reporter: Other people were also hurt? Yes. We understand there were seven other people hurt. And a couple other of themxd rather badly. Reporter: Did you speak to the director of "Midnight rider"? Did he call you? Randall miller called us that day. Reporter: What did he say? He was nearly hysterical. And he was saying, I'm so, so sorry. Reporter: Do you hold him responsible? I believe those who made poor decisions, absolutely, need to be held accountable. Reporter: Sara's parents filed a lawsuit, aiming to do just that, accusing Gregg Allman, and the producers of "Midnight rider" of wrongful death. Accusing them of shooting a scene without permission of the railroad. And failing to warn the cast and crew of the danger presented. And actually concealed that danger by leading the cast and crew to believe they were on the railroad tracks with permission. Allman is named because his executive producer of the movie about his life. They say he is responsible for what happens on the set. The movie industry is still reeling from news of Sarah Jones' death. The crews on TV and movie sets began a campaign, slates for Sarah. Sarah's parents hope it will promote safety while filming. What do you hope her death will accomplish? We want the industry to re-evaluate itself. That's the bottom line. Safety for Sarah. Reporter: Other crew members on the set that day tell us they felt deeply uneasy about shooting on that train track but were afraid to speak up. And that's what Sarah's parents want to change. Criminal charges may come in this case, as well. Charges for trespassing for negligent homicide. Actor William hurt has dropped out of the project. But Randall miller wants to continue shooting next month. That's created controversy and backlash. Her parents, just want to make sure it doesn't happen again. You're going to be following this in the coming months. And you'll be reporting on "20/20." That's right. Elizabeth, good to see you. Thanks. Let's get another check of

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Sarah Jones, 27, was struck by a train and killed while shooting on train tracks in Georgia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23822726","title":"Lawsuit Filed Over 'Midnight Rider' Camera Woman's On-Set Death","url":"/GMA/video/lawsuit-filed-midnight-rider-camera-womans-set-death-23822726"}