Lawyer of Kentucky Marriage Clerk Speaks Out

Matthew Staver defends the actions of Kim Davis and her religious freedom.
2:26 | 09/04/15

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Transcript for Lawyer of Kentucky Marriage Clerk Speaks Out
Joe Biden speaks out for the first ziering Co idernsing a presidential bid and Donald Trump pledges to back his rivals if they beat him. High conscience conflicts with the law doesn't that public official have a duty to resign? Well, she's elected by the people and if the people want her to resign then the people can ask her to resign and they haven't done that, in fact, she's a very well-liked individual in that community. You know, just a year ago the attorney general had a conscience conflict with defending the marriage laws and the governor of the state of Kentucky accommodated him and allowed had him to step down and hired outside counsel to protect his conscience rights and that's fine. Kim Davis is asking for something that doesn't cost anything and she's not the only one. There are lots of clerks in Kentucky with the same convictions and have one request, just remove our name from the official licenses. Can you have the commonwealth of Kentucky, that's fine, they'll record it. That's fine just don't affix their name and title to a marriage certificate that collides with their religious beliefs. Another fix is that the deputies can sign the marriage licenses. That's expected to happen today. If that does, indeed, happen, do you expect the judge will release miss Davis? No, I don't think he will because, in fact, it's the same thing for Kim Davis. It still has her name on it. Yes, the deputies can -- they did not want to originally but then the judge brought them in and threatened them with jail time, as well so five out of the six said they would issue the licenses but it doesn't remedy the situation for Kim or anyone else. Because it still has Kim's name on it. One thing about Kim, she may be incarcerated behind the jail bars but her conscience remains free and just knowing Kim she's made a decision and can't violate that conscience and she can't have this collision with her religious convictions. I think she represents lots of clerks in Kentucky, lots of clerks around the country and I think there's going to be some effort to change and protect Kim's religious freedom and many others like her. How long is she prepared to stay in jail? She will not violate her conscience so whatever the consequences of that is, Kim Davis doesn't want to be in this situation, but she's prepared to face whatever it is. Mr. Staver, thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you. My pleasure. Unclear if it'll come to that. The judge has the ability to hold her in jail for up to 18 months. I'm sure a lot are watching that around the country. Also a lot watching the weather.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Matthew Staver defends the actions of Kim Davis and her religious freedom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33532228","title":"Lawyer of Kentucky Marriage Clerk Speaks Out","url":"/GMA/video/lawyer-kentucky-marriage-clerk-speaks-33532228"}