LAX Shooting Suspect Paul Ciancia Faces Federal Murder Charges

Officials continue to investigate motives behind the airport shooting.
3:00 | 11/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LAX Shooting Suspect Paul Ciancia Faces Federal Murder Charges
Latest on the shooting at LAX we're learning more this morning about the suspect -- -- -- who is now facing federal murder charges as we learn more about what actually happened in the moment of crisis and what exactly was written on that note he was carrying in his bag ABC's. David Wright has been covering this story from the Japanese at LAX once again this morning David good morning. Good morning Dan this morning the alleged gunman is in a hospital room a few miles away from here said to be. And responsive after a gunshot wound in the head. If he ever does regained consciousness -- now face charges that could carry the death penalty. The criminal complaint filed in federal court Saturday includes chilling new details about the Rampage. The FBI says Cianci was dropped off -- LAX Friday morning in his bag Smith & Wesson assault rifle like this one with five extra magazines fully loaded. The FBI alleges -- -- walked up to the TSA checkpoint and fired multiple shots at point blank range -- -- TSA officer. And -- circumstances. The defendant faces either not -- penalty or life without the possibility of parole. For the potential imposition. Of the death penalty. According to the complaint as he moved up the escalator. He -- baskets that wounded officer who in video appeared to move and return to shoot the officer again killing him. Cianci -- -- allegedly gunned down at least two more TSA officers a chase through the terminal ended at the food court near the boarding gates where airport police shot him four times. He made a conscious decision to kill. Multiple TSA employees. The FBI says the handwritten letter found in his bag erased any doubt about that. The FBI says the letter signed by CNC -- addresses the TSA directly and says he intended to quote instill fear on your -- jurors' minds. The widow of Gerardo Hernandez the 39 year old father of two who found himself in the line of fire read a brief statement to reporters outside their home. I am truly devastated. And we are all heartbroken. And -- him dearly. This morning those iconic pillars of light the symbol of LAX 100 feet tall. Are -- TSA blue in honor of the -- TSA. As of this morning. All terminals all airlines are back to normal operations here but as you can imagine. For the folks who work here and for the folks traveling through it's gonna take -- while district what happened. So many people still rattled by -- -- all right -- our thanks to you allow the suspect's motive remains a mystery this morning we are learning more about the people who knew him. There are warning signs that could hold clues as to why he went on the shooting spree targeting TSA workers need to -- need to have been covering the story for us -- -- Hey Leon good morning to -- -- -- policy on his high school classmates have said he was bullied and that nobody really knew -- that he was also called loner and really just. His life was a secret. This morning a clearer picture of two different policy on -- The man allegedly responsible for Friday's shooting Rampage. And the French horn player classmates from this Delaware Catholic school remember as an -- over perhaps even a target for bullies. Discovered to my finger across half its blown everyone's mind everyone's kind of shocked just give Moore says he saw Cianci every morning for at least three years yet he was a -- like -- wants to buy himself. -- -- graduated in 2008 moving to Los Angeles we've learned he lived in this apartment building in a well to do neighborhood Jon Macy was his room. Are absolutely shocked I'm still -- -- sources say a note found at Friday's scene shows Deion -- may have antigovernment views. There was never any -- -- About any hatred or any hatred group of young Gil moved out in February he studies going back to Jersey go to work for his dad and making amends with family problems and. Dead police say CO CO sent an ominous text message to his younger brother talking about possible suicide. Now he's accused of murdering a TSA officer and sources say it appears he was ready to die in the LAX -- And that high school classmate tells us it was a small school everybody knew each other. But for some reason they say policy on here just kept to himself only a few people -- -- school cut themselves and that Paulson announced it was. Sometimes this is something we often hear in -- -- -- -- here thank you.

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{"id":20768209,"title":"LAX Shooting Suspect Paul Ciancia Faces Federal Murder Charges","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials continue to investigate motives behind the airport shooting.","url":"/GMA/video/lax-shooting-suspect-paul-ciancia-faces-federal-murder-20768209","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}