Anthony Bourdain Discusses New Show, 'The Layover'

The famed chef talks about his new show on Travel Channel.
4:51 | 12/08/11

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Transcript for Anthony Bourdain Discusses New Show, 'The Layover'
Welcome back before the coast of the -- channels they'll layover it's great to have you here anti India and you know this is something that you've -- you hit the road. And -- is the mission but which come up with a gift for the -- My guess traveling so many years with no reservations which is far more self indulgent show the -- -- came up you know. Maybe that's been something useful. -- -- -- -- a lot of great connections and destinations and it tips over the years just places that we either that the crew -- That was just what we -- a lot of useful things and we thought let's do something fast nasty kind of perverts who get useful. -- we can get away with -- so -- for the 2448. Hours do you actually shoot the show. Within that time construct a cruise stays behind ocean beauty shot shouldn't be wolf from my involvement was 48 hours investigation a lot of food and a lot of liquor in 48 hours if you could get pretty punishing and you know do you do you get. You've obviously done and have done wherever but that it's the cheap good stuff. Sometimes that's those are the real gem of a particularly if your junior traveled around the world you know you're in Mexico or -- for you the best restaurant in town it is. Likely to be very much like that the best restaurant in town anywhere from what you want the of the things that make that -- special and unique -- -- -- New York if you. -- to -- York for two days from what was probably sandwich that's what we do better than anybody that's what New York's all about so. Whatever the equivalent of the pastrami -- -- of the utility hot dog. That's what you should -- so let's say -- we touched at JFK. -- got a day or two to kill and you've got -- -- your favorite New York area foods and let's start then over here. -- the usual foods that I think need New York rate -- blew a few years ago started doing these classic I mean amazing dinosaur -- -- shark could treat -- tape. All Asia -- the even in France you don't find stuff this good this old school this refined I I I embarrass myself apart blue what I like I look at at -- looking at this stuff -- like moaning and making -- appropriate noises fixed election malicious. But we got to -- and daughters who I mean the benchmark of little old school. Smoke to -- pickled Herring it's an operation goes back a hundred years about that forever well well but they started out as as a -- -- what makes good. -- -- what what what makes the best -- Somebody's been doing it for. You know generations how they're daddy taught them and their -- took them and it just written -- -- -- top product. Coupled with a good bagel cream cheese is there anything more new York and it's absolutely I don't think -- not what we have here the crypt dog -- -- through wonderful mutant hot dogs just what you need after a number of cocktails excrement played hard got an. This place yeah. Back -- -- -- -- -- Anthony what I've got pinned down floor a crystal and so well and what plays -- among other -- -- recruit -- They have a big -- fan base so this -- here is designed by what we do frame -- brilliant blue album guard absolutely. Deep fried mayonnaise underdog doesn't sound like a good thing trust me it's a good thing and it only gets better would he he's that he deconstruct the -- he's the -- molecular destroyed and a CEO of the day it's still hot dog in a really good one distinct change. The of the -- Google empire -- it's a big can have a dog with -- again. Brilliant you know. After you get if it sounds like a better idea the more you drink. That's the -- not anyone would like this anytime of day that's a good Buteau breakfast dog. That of course shake shack AM which is really. Most most times when a murder joint opens a new neighborhood it kind of it's not a good thing brings dominated. My life is improved dramatically since -- -- -- My favorite what what makes the Denver and we heard the on the side of the tests what makes the murder. Well I mean the willingness to cook it below -- and if -- treating insisting that -- cook your your your Berger well done what they ask you to be super like medical waste that's that's an -- this is good quality meat prepared to order. -- it raises the benchmark for. For you know. And it doesn't quick burn and they threw him Madison square park and you would walk by especially in the Summers and that line wrapping around people waiting an -- for -- -- You don't need to can you can taste block it's it's affordable -- you know it would make -- folded the generic -- -- of meet the unacceptable. This is I again have you be how you -- food and travel and did paid for it I I I -- your doctor I don't look good gig it's brilliant that's brilliant. His great Diego of course he's also the host of no reservations it's a -- special coming up this Monday Christopher Walken Norah Jones among others. How does indeed -- from camera to camera -- more travel tips. You've got a Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"The famed chef talks about his new show on Travel Channel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15112487","title":"Anthony Bourdain Discusses New Show, 'The Layover'","url":"/GMA/video/layover-anthony-bourdain-premiere-travel-channel-15112487"}