Learn How to Create Your Own Haunted House Projection

Dave Bates, of Taylorsville, Utah, explains how to re-create his spooky Halloween projection.
3:00 | 10/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Learn How to Create Your Own Haunted House Projection
Hi this is Dave -- proprietor detente. For many years -- asked me how do you get your projection to line up so perfectly with your house and I've been reluctant to tell them because it's kind of a trade secret. But this year marks the tenth anniversary of the -- And others are also using this technique. Such as Disney for their magic the main reason you show. So I think it's time that I do behind the scenes so you can see how this work. Us and maybe try it out yourself the first year I really didn't know how to do it either. And I just started experimenting with different things the first thing I did was to take a picture of my house with a camera from the same spot as the projector. And then projected greeted. Like this and take that agreed to deformed the picture and try to make it fit how -- projector really worked. As you can see in his -- it wasn't really that successful. Only got me in the general vicinity. So for the next year I came up with the technique to make a 3-D Trace of my house. That shows exactly how the projection will be mapped. Two this 3-D surface. This is the 2011. Trace of my house. And you can see it's very precise and takes into account the angle and position of the projector exactly. So how you get one of these well it's actually really easy -- you know the trick -- -- projector and put it did exactly the spot that you're going to project from. You need to make sure that your projector -- exactly the way you wanted Mike focus zoom settings. Anything like that because it. Every little bit counts said the minute reproduce civil ways so that every year you consented exactly the way you had a previous year otherwise you're -- have to do retrace my hand at doing a lot of tweets -- -- on every year. Because I just can't get it exactly right. So what you've got that set up then -- your laptop to your projector. And make sure you -- your laptop to exactly the same resolution as your projector. And open up your full screen drawing program. And just begin to draw on your house and this is great fun. You how great a great time and I every year had a great time to just sketching on my house to try and find. Cool things I can you. That it's not a take my Trace and I'm in -- line it up precisely with my house. And you can see it's pretty picky. If I get a little bit of wind. I get quite a bit of wiggle -- my projection doesn't have to move very far when you're predicting this huge in this distance. So he may get that lined up just right. Every year I have to move this mausoleum a little -- it just doesn't necessarily and that in the same spot. -- invert the Trace because in this particular situation a little. Easier to see branded enemies can take my photo -- -- tool. And start to drag it along the age years and course do it however you want sometimes -- paint and sometimes -- draw. Just whatever whatever makes the best. -- -- you -- softer edge in and I kind of paint like on the pumpkins. Anyway so you can see and is getting a nice little line along with -- -- that. Just make sure you get in right on the very -- all the surfaces. And then and there we go. And you can see it -- -- -- great. So you can use this Trace to make all sorts of exciting little maps. -- this is the front door. This is there edges. -- -- college this is the house. This is the windows. And here's the -- he's a deal highlights on sometimes lights that I can change colors then news. And the pumpkins. So now what you guys you're cool trades with all the stuff all integrated into that you can. You all sorts of -- things. Sorry the lights are on inside my house there anyway here's the lights. And -- Then here is the trees and so I can -- -- -- make sure don't project on them and then we've got that -- in tears. And we've got. Some rest of the front yard there in the house. The here's the windows. Eight. And the front door and we've got some little things for the front door there and this is the trim. I do some highlighting on and you can see you can stick all sorts of great things I -- now using those maps you can control exactly where things go. So they go an inside look at how the B town works. How to do 3COM projection -- If you end -- using these techniques please email me at -- at the -- dot com. And then we know how well it. Thanks for watching and happy.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dave Bates, of Taylorsville, Utah, explains how to re-create his spooky Halloween projection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17564776","title":"Learn How to Create Your Own Haunted House Projection","url":"/GMA/video/learn-create-haunted-house-projection-17564776"}