Heat Streak: Miami, LeBron Chase Basketball History

The team has won 25 games in a row.
2:04 | 03/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Heat Streak: Miami, LeBron Chase Basketball History
the country, but in miami, they are witnessing an extraordinary heat streak. Burning up the sports world. LeBRON JAMES AND HIS MIAMI Heat haven't lost a game before the supebowl, winning 25 in a row. Now, well, they're chasing history. Here's abc's john schriffen. Reporter: With georgetown getting stunned by florida gulf coast university, and number one seeded gonzaga getting knocked out overnight, the ncaa march madness tournament is almost defining reality. But over in the nba, the miami heat's dream team is doing what's expected of them. Winning and winning and winning. Oh, my! Reporter: Lebron james and company are flirting with nba history, winning 25 games in a row. We're not sitting here and saying that this is not something special. This is an unbelievable streak that we're on. Reporter: They're trying to break the record set more than 40 records by the 1971-1972 los angeles lakers that played right here at their old home the forum. Legends like wilt chamberlain, jerry west and pat riley helped that team win 33 games in a row. It's very difficult to win games over an extended period of time. Even if you're playing againstlesser opponents. Just the sheer amount of games that have to be won, the travel, the feeling. Reporter: It certainly hasn't been easy. Picking up wins in oklahoma city, atlanta, chicago, philadelphia, new york, minnesota, milwaukee, boston and cleveland. So, can they do it? The miami heat an excellent chance of breaking the record. Only a couple of teams stand in their way, the chicago bulls and the san antonio spurs. Reporter: Would anyone get in king james' way? Well, look out below. For "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, los angeles.

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{"id":18800449,"title":"Heat Streak: Miami, LeBron Chase Basketball History","duration":"2:04","description":"The team has won 25 games in a row.","url":"/GMA/video/lebron-james-miami-heat-hot-streak-18800449","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}