Michael Psilakis Transforms Leftovers Into Greek Feast

Owner of MP Taverna shows how to turn leftover chicken into a Grecian pasta salad.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Transcript for Michael Psilakis Transforms Leftovers Into Greek Feast
Michael psilakis back today, to turn summer leftovers. First, we have to celebrate. Brand-new opening in new york. Thank you so much. We're opening two more. It's a very exciting project. Trying to bring greek food into the mainstream of dining. I know how close you are. We're going to do some greek stuff today also. It's summertime. I'm alwaysside grilling. There's always leftovers. And I think, you can do something better than throw it in the microwave and heat it up. We played around with greek stuff. Very simple leftover chicken. Anything you can find in your cupboard. This is stuff like you have in at home. It's stuff you're pulling out of your cupboard. If you use it wisely, it's easy and super quick to make. Let's get all of our ingredients for the vinaigrette. That's our base for this recipe, into the food processor. A little bit of wine, red vinegar. A little oregano. Half of that pepper, I think. There you go. Some onions. Salt. We definitely need that. Grilled onion, give us a little bit of flavor. The garlic. Can't do it without garlic. A little bit of thyme. And that's mustard. I think you've been in the kitchen before, george. A couple times. You know? All right. We would just put this on here. Put it down. We turn it on. And ultimately, we're going to get something that looks likes that. Beautiful. Want to give a taste? I better do it. All right. Here, what we're doing is taking all of the ingredients we have together. We have olives, tomato, some more onions. We dump that into a bowl. And we have three different bases. Coleslaw, we have pasta, and bean salad. With theingredi ingredients, we have coleslaw, and some of the chicken, put that in there. Our vinaigrette on top. Give it a really good toss. Plate it and cover it with veggies. You can use that sauce on all of the different salads. The beauty of this, we're using the same ingredients. We're changing the same item. And we have coleslaw, pasta and beans. You're eating already, ahead of schedule. That's the greek way. And bean salad. Kidney beans. Are these garbanzo beans? We have chicken and garbanzo beans. All we're saying, if you use stuff in your cupboard, really simple things, put them in there. All of our ingredients. Same ingredients every time? Same ingredients all the The big thing about grilling the chicken, typically, we're overcooking the chicken. Right before you're eating, you want time to cool it off the fire and let it rest a little bit. If you let it sit two or three minutes, you're cooling it off when it's not all the way cooked. You don't have to reheat the chicken in any of the issues? You have a choice of hot or cold. For here, I think what you want to really do is put all of your ingredients together and let them sit for han an hour. And you put them in the refrigerator afterwards? Tomorrow, you wrap it up. It's the gift that keeps on giving. And the same thing with the dressing, right? The dressing can stay for at least a week in your refrigerator. It's really great. Get it up. What do you guys say? thank you very much. Congrats on all of the success. All of the recipes are on our website, goodmorningamerica.Com ON YAHOO!t1 italics

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{"id":16947022,"title":"Michael Psilakis Transforms Leftovers Into Greek Feast","duration":"3:00","description":"Owner of MP Taverna shows how to turn leftover chicken into a Grecian pasta salad.","url":"/GMA/video/leftover-recipes-michael-psilakis-transforms-leftovers-grecian-style-16947022","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}