Leon Panetta in Afghanistan: Attack Failed

An attacker drove toward the runway as the defense secretary's plane landed.
0:57 | 03/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Leon Panetta in Afghanistan: Attack Failed
Now to that -- security breach for one of America's top officials say stolen pickup truck heading right towards the runway. -- Leon -- playing the secretary of defense was landing in Afghanistan. We're learning more now about who was at the wheel of that truck ABC's Martha Raddatz has the latest on this developing story from Washington good morning -- Good morning Robin this morning we have learned that the attack -- A once trusted Afghan interpreter has now died of massive burns. So we may never know for sure who -- was trying to attack. But if he hadn't accidentally driven into a ditch this could have had a very different and very terrible ending. When the Defense Secretary landed at camp bastion. Our humble he had no idea that as his massive C seventeen approached the Afghan attacker was speeding toward the runway. The Afghan interpreter was wearing a camouflage Marine -- -- He had stolen pickup truck from a British soldier running over him and breaking his pelvis as he charged away. But the truck hit addiction -- -- the interpreter had a container of gasoline in the truck and when he jumped out was on fire. Military security rushed to the scene and -- -- the attacker jumped -- the running board of the security vehicle before being wrestled to the ground. This morning in Kabul the deputy commander of forces in Afghanistan. Said he believes the attacker was aiming for a group of Marines. But another official said he could have been trying to hit the crowd of military officials there to greet Panetta. Or possibly the plane itself. Any thing hitting an airplane at a very high rate of speed. Especially with the mass of the small pickup truck could do very very serious damage in some cases catastrophic damage to that aircraft. Whatever the target of officials are trying to figure out how this could've happened. This is a security breach and it is being investigated and taken very seriously by the officials there at camp -- Afghan interpreters are generally the most heavily vetted and trusted Afghans and having this man involved in an attack. Is one more very troubling sign Robin in a very troubling months in Afghanistan you use. The word trust -- trusted. Interpreter there are trust issues on both sides right now Martha as -- -- -- -- repair that. Well I think trust is a huge issue you have this incident the US soldier who allegedly slaughtered those sixteen innocent Afghans. The burning of the -- around us. It is remained relatively common terms of protests in Afghanistan but this has got to -- the important relationship between US and Afghan forces but don't try to move forward as best they can both sides all right Martha thank you very much.

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{"id":15926176,"title":"Leon Panetta in Afghanistan: Attack Failed","duration":"0:57","description":"An attacker drove toward the runway as the defense secretary's plane landed.","url":"/GMA/video/leon-panetta-afghanistan-runway-attack-failed-15926176","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}