Leslie Mann on Co-Writing With Husband Judd Apatow

"Knocked Up" and "40-Year-Old Virgin" actress discusses latest film, "This is 40."
2:58 | 12/18/12

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Transcript for Leslie Mann on Co-Writing With Husband Judd Apatow
leslie mann. Indeed. Leslie mann is back up on the big screen, as a wife and mom facing a big birthday, in the new comedy, "this is 40." It is a family affair, directed by her husband, judd apatow, and co-starring their real-life daughters. Here to talk about how art imitates life, is the lovely leslie mann. Hello. Hello. We first met your character and paul rudd's characters "knocked up." How did it feel to have debbie back in your life? Well, that was five years ago. "Knocked up." And it's been fun. You know? We had such a good time together. It was -- it's like a big family. And it is my actual family. But working with paul, you know, we're very close. And the crew. You know, we use a lot of the same crew that we used for years. And so, it's really fun. And we have a great time working together. And 40 means a lot of different things to everybody who faces it. What does it mean to your character and to the movie? Well, I think she's in the middle of a little bit of a nervous breakdown. And she's trying to, you know, make everything better. But in the process of trying to make everything better, everything kind of falls apart. And then, in the end, it gets better again. But it's an interesting time. And at the hands of your husband, it's very, very funny. Let's show everybody a clip. Take a look. You need to get outside more. Do some playing outside. Yeah. You can build things. You can build a fort outside. What? Yeah, build a fort. Play with your friends. Make a fort outside? And do what? Do what in a fort? When I was a kid, we used to build tree houses and play with sticks. Nobody plays with sticks. You can have a lemonade stand. Play kick the can. Look for bed bodies. That's fun to do. Get a tire and run down the street with it. It's 2012. You don't need technology. No technology. Charlotte, put that down. So funny. Those are your real daughters. And dad was boss, judd apatow. Do they listen to him on the set? They don't listen to him. They don't. He thought they might because he's the director. But no. They could carele less what he has to say. If they get tired, they just take naps. They're awful to deal with. But they're really good in the movie. Really good in the movie. It is so very funny. Look for one of the funniest SCENES FROM melissa McCarthy on the outtakes. She's so great. She's hilarious. So are you. The movie is "this is 40." It's in theaters this friday.

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{"id":18005086,"title":"Leslie Mann on Co-Writing With Husband Judd Apatow","duration":"2:58","description":"\"Knocked Up\" and \"40-Year-Old Virgin\" actress discusses latest film, \"This is 40.\"","url":"/GMA/video/leslie-mann-interview-actress-writing-40-husband-judd-18005086","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}