'Let's Move' Campaign Stamps Move Out

Commemorative postage stamps pulled for sending wrong message.
2:20 | 10/12/13

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Transcript for 'Let's Move' Campaign Stamps Move Out
idea. As you know, the first lady has a high-profile let's move campaign, designed to get children exercising. To celebrate this campaign, the feds made postage stamps. Now, they're pulling the stamps. And wait until you hear why. Sara haines is here with the story. Reporter: In an effort to get people up and moving for their own health, a set of stamps was released, depicting healthy activities. Some of the images harkin the time of our youth, when helmets and padding and safety measures weren't addressed. Does it send the wrong message? Stop the presses. That's what happening to a new run of stamps designs to kem rate michelle obama's let's move fitness campaign. The united states postal service has put a hold on the stamps, after objections from the president's council of fitness, sports and nutrition, citing safety concerns. The two councils that advised ms. Obama didn't like them. The postal service said, we'll just redo them. Reporter: The stamps in question -- this one of a swimmer doing a cannonball, was seen as unsafe. This one of a boy on a skateboard without knee pads. And another showing a youngster doing a headstand without a helmet. It's crazy. Children do all these things. Reporter: Bloggers have been pointing out that the soccer player isn't wearing protective pads. And the batter is swinging sans helmet. But it could have been worse. Michael deppisch tweeted his spoof of rejected ideas, like swimming with sharks. And a young boy engulfed in flames. In a statement, the postal service says, the let's move stamps aren't licked just yet. The u.S. Postal service is continuing to develop plans recording a fitness-themed stamp series. The stamp designer declined to appear on camera. But hopes that the pictures will have a chance to be seen in the spirit in which they were intended. There's something wrong with swimming with sharks? If I try to pay my bills with a stamp of me on fire. Great story. Coming up on "gma," a

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{"id":20552030,"title":"'Let's Move' Campaign Stamps Move Out","duration":"2:20","description":"Commemorative postage stamps pulled for sending wrong message.","url":"/GMA/video/lets-move-campaign-stamps-move-20552030","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}