Liam Hemsworth Heats Up Silver Screen as Gale Hawthorne in 'Catching Fire'

Hemsworth revives role of Gale as rebel with a cause and rival for Katniss's heart.
6:07 | 11/20/13

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Transcript for Liam Hemsworth Heats Up Silver Screen as Gale Hawthorne in 'Catching Fire'
"Hunger games" fans counting down the days, hours, minutes until they can see liam hemsworth return in "catching fire," as gale hawthorne, the minor with a heart of gold. Peeta's rival for katniss' heart. You haven't hurt people, katniss. You've given them an opportunity. You have to be brave enough to take it. We have to go, before they kill us. They will kill us. What about the other families? Huh? The ones who stay. People are looking to you. I don't want anyone looking to me. I can't help them. You do what you want. I'm staying here. And he's with us right now. Here he comes. Thrilled to have liam hemsworth, making his way inside our humble little studios here. A lot of members of team gale are here to see liam. Right over here, liam. Good to see you again. Looking sporty, as always. Nice to see you. Oh, you're chilly. It's cold out there. Cold out there. It's new york. Saw it recently. And the way you all are able to keep the story going and the way you all are together. And we see that your relationship with katniss has evolved. It's a little more confusing than ever. Yeah. It's really confusing. She's now back from the hunger games. And she's dealing with posttraumatic stress. And she's obviously fallen in love with someone else now. And their relationship is more confusing and frustrating for them. And your character, you said you relate to gale because he's such a stand-up kind of guy. He's a good guy. A passionate kind of guy. Something I related to in the beginning. He's constantly standing up for what he believes in. And he's willing to fight for that. For a long time, he kind of is powerless to do anything. And through this one, you get to see little moments of that fight. Oh, yeah. Little moments because "catching fire" applies to your character. You are always simmering just a little bit. Yeah. Stuff's burning inside of him. It's ready to come out. We had so many of the cast members here. Jennifer lawrence coming tomorrow. And josh was saying yesterday, she tells it like it is. She does. There's no filter at all with jennifer. Especially if you're having a bad day, she'll pounce on that. She find the weakness and exploit it to the entire set. The way you are -- it's apparent you have a real friendship. And there's a chemistry there and a trust there. Does that help when you're on screen together? Absolutely. Shooting something like this, where you're shooting a lot of quite serious stuff, it's nice to keep things light on set. And enjoy who you're there with. And jennifer is someone who just really cares about the people around her. And she has a big heart. And she loves making movies. And she's amazing at it. And you really couldn't ask for a better co-star than her. She's great. Speaking of keeping things light on the set, you have a lot of fans. And we asked them to ask you questions. And one of them wanted to ask you -- this is sassy. I love this. Who was the biggest prankster on the "catching fire" set? Biggest prankster? You know what? Everyone has their moments. It's when we're all together that it's hard to get anything done. We've been shooting the third one the last couple of months. We have had scenes with woody, philip seymour hoffman and julianne moore. Great cast. When we're in a room together, it's like children playing. We're lucky to have someone like francis, who is patient with that kind of stuff. It is hard to get work done. I can see where it would be. The costumes -- except for me. I wear basic stuff in the film. But someone like elizabeth banks, she gets to wear crazy stuff. And have a lot of fun with it. Someone else wanted to know -- this is from hazel. She wants to know which scene was the best to record for both of the movies? For me? Yes. A lot of great things. I got whipped for three days, which is good and bad, if you're into that kind of thing. Whipping. Are you? No, I'm not. But it was an interesting couple of days. And you know, you have to have someone like woody on set to keep that live. He's the person that keeps it fun and entertaining. And same with jennifer, as well. It's hard to pick through all of the great scenes. We just had "people" magazine, sexiest man alive. And you and your brother. It is sweet and sexy. You and your brother, chris, who is starring in that little movie, "thor." You talk about family. How important family is to you. Absolutely. We come from a great family. My parents, most supportive parents. And we're able to dream big and have the support to kind of live it through. And you know, we feel very fortunate to come from parents like that. And I was with the youngest brother, I have two older brothers, they're my biggest inspirations. And I think I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if it wasn't for theme. Lucky to come from a good place like that. We have to thank your brothers. And just for sharing your talent like that. We're very excited. Only a couple more days, people have to wait. Yeah. I'm excited for people to see it. It's emotional. It's thrilling. It's a really good film. And francis lawrence, the director, did such a good job on it. And leaves you wanting more at the end. It just does. Liam, thank you very much. Always have pleasure having you here. "The hunger games: Catching fire" opens nationwide this friday.

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{"id":20948704,"title":"Liam Hemsworth Heats Up Silver Screen as Gale Hawthorne in 'Catching Fire'","duration":"6:07","description":"Hemsworth revives role of Gale as rebel with a cause and rival for Katniss's heart.","url":"/GMA/video/liam-hemsworth-heats-silver-screen-gale-hawthorne-catching-20948704","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}