Liam Neeson Discusses Tense New Flick 'The Grey'

Actor braved high winds and thigh-high snow to film new suspense thriller.
5:32 | 01/17/12

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Transcript for Liam Neeson Discusses Tense New Flick 'The Grey'
In the movie the graying of the story takes place in freezing cold whipping winds and by high snow and so what did the filming. Of that story -- these and brave the elements to make a suspenseful thriller that you have to watch to be very. Very and we'll explain Williams always a pleasure to have you -- -- on the program I have to admit I was watching it like this a lot of news that suspense bullets a thriller and -- that it's found them a little bit more much more night -- they conviction think. It's it's part of the conversation good at the end but did pretty brutal as we take a look at some of the scenes fulfillment. Sure Qatar would you know it was so it was harsh we -- open Playskool -- But twelve -- a twelve hour drive northeast of Vancouver and some days was like minus 37 degrees people is severe. Problem. -- annual audit has trailers out -- you were braving the elements of that help. Stay and -- to -- to domain there was no acting required we room just bundle together trying to stay warm and so -- -- pretty -- out here. It is hard yesterday and today it was like summertime. That your -- -- as is a tough oil worker who's gone through some really difficult times. And is not a -- -- the plane crashes he's with the plane full of guys. -- these guys were to a 24 sevenths for like five weeks -- like. Two weeks holidays so liberals trying and stormy weather. The airplane let's say -- a malfunction. Fiddle around -- Alaskan tundra. My guys on ways trying to leave the -- to safety. -- all the time being pursued by a -- mystical fantastical -- so. All of their eyes were -- Through the darkness. Those will the -- but whether the call was real with the war -- -- wounds -- Amalgamation. Of puppetry. How much comics. A little bit of CG how much a little bit not some real moves through some real ones yet as well and -- sort of running shops. -- that they had their bed by one quick clip now because this is after the plane has crashed and probably your character. I'm so it has to pass to take the lead to an -- -- it appears to be you -- against the grain. Something he's far. -- -- -- -- So we don't -- We've local fire and we find food and at daybreak the figure at Broadway aside from the start walking. Nobody's gonna find just what your question when a freeze to death is -- -- thing the world -- You seem as -- -- to really be drawn to these types. Of roles I was certainly don't discuss -- that what was written would you come and was something very. You -- some sort of counseling them very primal sort of you know it's it's -- like. I'm so fed up going to see movies where the story is driven by someone other computer or someone -- telephone you know. This is an airplane no cars no computers no telephones. Just mound there's -- elements a mom -- and so of course. And that last part of a man vs dissolved solids you -- -- -- that I was watching it until the -- -- this weekend I was wondering Solectron. To this film because normally it's not the kind of things of me. -- -- -- -- Saturday you we have -- -- it's true it's just so sure you know -- -- anyway. There's there's lots of layers to it. You know it it crosses and -- on. And for -- thriller there's an element of horror of those a bit of existential is monitoring the thing. So it's not just. The fact that we're seeing you -- taken. And you're feeling that again. And eighteen and all that so it's -- the genre but does it feel like a kid again I think I've said I heard where you were talking about there's. There's something that it taps into the they. The kidding you -- got. -- remember when I was a -- -- these sorts of movies you know like Jeremiah Johnson springs to mind of Robert Redford you know. -- survival type films and where your -- -- against the beauty and also the horror of nature. It's and was quick to go there with the response of actors and -- car around her directive that -- directive Manley eighteen. Just the best sponsors are actors I've ever been -- -- servicemen. -- you all were very very well together and I had to go back and see it again. Because they didn't know after the credits this people have to know you have to stay in your seats because as a last seen here. And you can't quite nervous you wanted to do the -- -- makes you think of what that may explain. That might explain something. Or -- not I'm not I think if -- the -- But it is. I just can't get over how how well done it is us now -- some room we're very prudent and we rightfully should be. Fully and it's always good to see -- -- -- and love inside a love actually a lot during the holiday is no way that over and over again every Christmas it seems to Kamal you know. I was ten years ago -- that it's timeless as -- -- thanks so much.

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{"id":15377473,"title":"Liam Neeson Discusses Tense New Flick 'The Grey'","duration":"5:32","description":"Actor braved high winds and thigh-high snow to film new suspense thriller.","url":"/GMA/video/liam-neeson-discusses-tense-flick-grey-15377473","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}