'Liberation Wrapper' Helps Japanese Burger Chain's Sales

Freshness Burger found a creative way to increase sales of Its largest burger.
2:55 | 11/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Liberation Wrapper' Helps Japanese Burger Chain's Sales
Researching -- its burger. Passions. Are currently -- eligible and the freshness that's yet they noticed that their largest ever and I. -- -- -- Beyond the lot how they're they're. Yeah around that would indicate a friend of the big it's a classic -- it was -- Very popular mandate my least likely he'll be ordered by women I learned shocker -- but -- it was too much -- stamps. Sorry and I am so sorry please really what's the real reason. -- -- -- -- -- -- I realized that it was because in Japan. -- Jesus I can't I can't along with the current. Do you want me to finish it up now -- There -- OK yeah. Have to realize that in Japan and this this is true because this is true that's -- really can't -- -- are all involved are considered attractive. -- and women were uncomfortable taking large by. -- -- her and public because many bites may be may be their culture as a little bit more. You know. My district -- still -- off. Oh yeah. Our they have been now that he's not -- -- -- Liberation of Iraq are liberated isn't rapper or is that in the mask allows women to -- down but still looked like a lady right right -- they -- they have an amount that's a need to. But the all might die certainly remain very now and I became did did this work. I mean did did the good but did well and -- luck. Sales jumped 213. -- I don't know how miss this and you. Some problems and hey Ross is -- and I'm sorry I don't I don't spreading the good at all all -- -- He needs if he needs is going to be an expert on this show one time in her life needs to leave now because yeah. The way we ran out if she ran out patient we have that we had murder be related segments here it is to be in here is alright you're absolutely right yeah we've we as amazing. I don't deliberation -- -- but I could. -- so wrong. It's been ages three despite these -- mean incredibly not -- -- -- they just aren't on this I love it I'm just so much that you guys you guys hit after me what can I just. Can I just look at what I have two cats with heights which was genius by the pretty tight sets reports. I'm comfortable in a public place. Eating like a big burger in large bite of food abide by your applause. Save a plot yes if you're uncomfortable leading big sloppy -- -- -- So is that you know that you're not uncomfortable leading big sloppy -- to -- -- -- -- Not. Help. I don't even liberate Iraq -- you don't you don't kill her right eye however due back. I feel very shy behind -- it's an EU isn't the -- -- Japan and cash prizes like a cultural. The figured out well I'm finding that I didn't find it you know I'm out in the -- -- -- --

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{"id":20788691,"title":"'Liberation Wrapper' Helps Japanese Burger Chain's Sales","duration":"2:55","description":"Freshness Burger found a creative way to increase sales of Its largest burger.","url":"/GMA/video/liberation-wrapper-helps-japanese-burger-chains-sales-20788691","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}