Libya, Cairo Unrest: Obama, Romney Fling Attacks

Violent protests in Arab world become campaign fodder for presidential tickets on both sides.
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Libya, Cairo Unrest: Obama, Romney Fling Attacks
All this chaos, also shaking things up on the campaign trail. Politics not stopping at the water's edge, as mitt romney and president obama trade pretty fiery charges. Abc's jake tapper has that from the white house. Good morning, jake. Reporter: Good morning, george. Polls indicate that president obama has an advantage over mitt romney when it comes to handling of foreign policy. But romney senses an opening, even if his original criticism of the president was assailed, even by some republicans, for bad tone and timing. Even as he deals with the fallout in libya, the president feels that the campaign must go on. So, overnight, he hit las vegas in battleground state, nevada. He took a moment to honor the four fallen americans. As americans, we stand united, all of us, in gratitude for their service. And we are mindful of their sacrifice. Reporter: This morning, however, many questions remain about insufficient security at those diplomatic posts on the anniversary of 9/11. And u.S. Leadership in the region in the wake of the arab spring. After all, the president told telemundo this about egypt, the former stalwart ally. I don't think we would consider them an ally. Reporter: If not, some are asking why the u.S. Gives egypt billions of dollars in foreign aid each year. Meantime, the republican ticket is sensing a new front in the campaign. Hitting the president on foreign policy. The administration sent mixed signals to those who attacked our embassy in egypt and mixed signals to the world. Reporter: But mitt romney is now facing tough questions, too. While the battle in benghazi was still going on, romney attacks the obama administration as disgraceful. Saying the administration's first reaction was to sympathize with those who waged the attacks. This was based on a statement from the u.S. Embassy in egypt, condemning the anti-muslim movie, one issued before it was even attacked. In a press conference, romney was unapologetic. An apology for america's values is never the right course. Reporter: Eager to throw a punch himself, the president fired back on cbs news' "60 minutes." Governor romney has a tendency to shoot first and aim later. As president, one of the things I learned is you can't do that. Reporter: George, conventional wisdom has it that any day the campaign is not focused on the struggling economy is a good day for president obama. There remains unanswered questions about insufficient security at the diplomatic posts on the anniversary of 9/11. One that could potentially hurt president obama. You also raise that question in your piece. Now that the president said that egypt is not really an ally, are they considering how -- is the white house considering fending off sending the billions of dollars in aid to egypt? Reporter: I've not heard that the white house is considering withholding that money. Where the egyptian president has been in all of this has been a source of tremendous frustration for the administration.

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{"id":17223922,"title":"Libya, Cairo Unrest: Obama, Romney Fling Attacks","duration":"3:00","description":"Violent protests in Arab world become campaign fodder for presidential tickets on both sides.","url":"/GMA/video/libya-cairo-unrest-president-obama-mitt-romney-fling-17223922","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}