Lightening Chasers: A Beautifully Dangerous Job

ABC's Ginger Zee riders along with the harrowing storm chasers.
3:00 | 08/12/12

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Transcript for Lightening Chasers: A Beautifully Dangerous Job
It's been a wild year for weather and nobody knows that better than our -- he has been out in most of it one of -- features allow the wild weather and lightning and that's me you're cut this morning. Right and it's not something ever thought that I'd goat chase but that is their plight -- they issue that tends to -- one of my favorite meteorologists and a respected scientists is doing. I got to go -- -- as he tried to make history check it out. Chasing one of nature's most destructive and unpredictable forces. Oh look back. -- -- is a seasoned storm chaser and no stranger to wild weather. The -- I believe -- right here but today he's focused on another nearly impossible mission. He's attempting to document -- birth of a lightning strike. Armed with an ultra high speed camera he will try to capture this elusive moment -- it's never been seen before then returns -- His results so far half an impressive these shots came from a high speed camera called the phantom. -- record dramatic slow motion at 101000 frames per second. But in order to capture that fleeting moment when the lightning bolt is. People aren't the Maris released something. Much faster. -- -- gonna -- -- -- there's actually 82 campers on his instrument you're taking. One picture of the lightning and one -- second steps to blame. He's proud -- tell us it's the highest speed high resolution camera in the world. Tim and I have looked at the forecast looks like northern New Mexico between 7:10 PM on this latest computer model pops up. A few thunderstorms and that is going to be a target it's in. Arduous trip covering force states more than 800 miles and -- -- Koppen -- disappointing storks this storms this kicked out several lightning strikes they were probably about five minutes -- Hardly worth -- and equipment over but it's pretty. And went all options south -- exhausted right beacon of hope started leaning on the radar this has to be the start because this is about all the ballot here's the last -- -- and the most promising -- -- the entire -- problem is it's 85 miles in the opposite direction and we only half an hour to get into position. But thankfully just as dusk settled in. -- floods due north a classic thunderstorm bursting with lightning. This happening. DDT. -- -- -- And then we snagged the lines of beautiful cloud to ground strike or CG. -- for tenant. Numerous branches within the first one hits the ground it's a beautiful image but it wasn't taken with the Kahuna. See that bright flash that means the camera wasn't -- have to capture the exact moment when the bull was born. Maybe next time. This initiative here is very difficult. That it's not -- Those who -- not or not for those of us who -- for storms sometimes the chase alone is reason enough to sit back and just enjoy the show. I don't know how many storms I've seen in my lifetime that every single one of isn't it pretty excited. The little boy in me just want to come out here to watch and stare at. -- -- is featured and this month's National Geographic we teamed up with them and it was just such an honor to be out there with them and such an important issue because you and I have a one in 101000 chance of getting struck and I like men 80%. Of the fatalities. -- really gets that there were more likely to walk down the middle of it you take more risks in perspective is I was a great start in a million levels I just love watching how excited -- get as your friend. With the weather geek in the best possible sense of that work that I had here.

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{"id":16988637,"title":"Lightening Chasers: A Beautifully Dangerous Job","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Ginger Zee riders along with the harrowing storm chasers.","url":"/GMA/video/lightening-chasers-beautifully-dangerous-job-16988637","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}