#LikeaBoy Social Media Campaign Celebrates Boys' Sensitive Sides

In response to the "Like a Girl" campaign, parents began posting images of their sons doing "feminine" things #likeaboy.
2:29 | 08/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for #LikeaBoy Social Media Campaign Celebrates Boys' Sensitive Sides
Coming up tex on our "Heat index" it's been said boys will be boys but now a new take on the popular like a girl ad campaign is rethinking what it means to be like a boy. From ABC's juju Chang. Reporter: With 47 million clicks and counting, the like a girl ad campaign from always sparking a conversation. Why can't run like a girl also mean win the race? Now a gender twist is taking that conversation even further. Along that whilst, creator of the mommy shorts loved the message so much she asked her readers to submit photos of their daughters. Let's post pictures of all the amazing things our daughters do with the like a girl hashtag. But something unexpected happened. My readers started posting pictures of their sons doing so-called feminine things. Reporter: Soon her blog was flooded with pictures of little boys proudly displaying their feminine side from putting on Polish to playing with dolls. All with the defiant hashtag like a boy. We would never want someone to tell our girls they can't do the same thing boys do. But when it comes to boys we limit them to what we think are the right things for little boys to do and the right ways for little boys to act and we have to ask is that really fair? Just want that green dress? Reporter: Heather posted this picture of her 2-year-old twin boys playing princess with their 4-year-old sister. That's what my boys do. They emulate their sister and it was actually very refreshing to see other people out there with boys doing things just like my boys do because sometimes you question if it's Normal. Reporter: The North Carolina mom says her boys who love dinosaurs as much as tea parties are helping redefine what it means to be like a boy. I really think that the hash tag should have been like a kid. Because it's what kids do. They're just using their imagination, they're in an age of this and just having fun. Reporter: For "Good morning America," juju Chang, ABC news, New York. I love that. Like a kid. Summed it up really well. Why do you have to define what it is? Then mommy shorts blogger Alana wiles says "Housework and child care isn't girlie. It's what makes a good man and a strong family and every little boy should be handed a doll and a toy vacuum." You got to do those chores when you move into your own apartment, guys. Right? I can't get my girls to do the housework either so -- That's just, quote, being like a kid.

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{"id":25033777,"title":"#LikeaBoy Social Media Campaign Celebrates Boys' Sensitive Sides","duration":"2:29","description":"In response to the \"Like a Girl\" campaign, parents began posting images of their sons doing \"feminine\" things #likeaboy.","url":"/GMA/video/likeaboy-social-media-campaign-celebrates-boys-sensitive-sides-25033777","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}