Lindsay Lohan Kicked Out of Community Service

Bianna Golodryga explains what has people buzzing on the Pop News Heat Index.
1:10 | 10/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lindsay Lohan Kicked Out of Community Service
Starting at more trouble for Lindsay Lohan the star has reportedly been kicked out of her court ordered community service program for repeatedly failing to show up. Boeing is on probation -- shoplifting case is due in court next week for a progress report. And how much would you pay -- to say X though existing -- world millions millions and millions of Netflix is about today one billion dollars. Time Warner and CB number one billion dollars this Time Warner CBS department announced the bombs on deal on Thursday that gives -- right to street hockey. Shows like Gossip Girl. The vampire diaries and the profits from the CW network. That extra cash to help -- off the girls billion dollar award everything maybe not a billion you know for us -- -- -- -- speaking of Hillary worked her. One of our own community is to -- easy noted that -- -- you know -- I -- very rainy night. White House last night yeah viewers to choose from -- lineup but -- and vote on which they thought He should -- 40% said. Over 600 votes make this show stopping by by designer him about a -- as I logged on and noted.

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{"duration":"1:10","description":"Bianna Golodryga explains what has people buzzing on the Pop News Heat Index.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14736295","title":"Lindsay Lohan Kicked Out of Community Service","url":"/GMA/video/lindsay-lohan-kicked-community-service-14736295"}