Lindsay Lohan's Father Arrested

The actress' father was arrested after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.
1:42 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for Lindsay Lohan's Father Arrested
More legal trouble for the Lohan family this time no it's not Lindsay instead it's her father He wound up in handcuffs after yet another domestic dispute. We have the details from ABC's David Wright. And the very emotional and probably get an hour's sleep last night no. The bleach bottle blonde tearfully telling her story in court isn't Lindsay Lohan she's kind of -- step mom mr. along you know -- -- -- -- you gotten. 28 year old Kate major ex fiance of Lohan is dead. 51 year old Michael Lohan that's him in the hospital -- being placed under arrest He thought that the officers work on. So He was trying to check out and eat but they were there waiting and they placed under arrest. -- checked into a Florida hospital with chest pains now charged with domestic battery. Police our policy -- currency. It was a stressful night. -- -- -- -- -- -- According to the police report major had some redness on her arms with minor bruising on her arm and -- she said they were arguing over restraining order she had taken out against Michael Lohan. Michael Lohan -- arrest came on a day his daughter reportedly got a job. According to -- seventeenth Lindsay Lohan is bearing it all for Playboy. For 750000. Dollars. X seventeen even had exclusive pictures of her arriving at a Beverly Hills mansion for the shoot. No comment from Lohan -- Playboy. For Good Morning America David Wright ABC news --

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{"id":14816285,"title":"Lindsay Lohan's Father Arrested","duration":"1:42","description":"The actress' father was arrested after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.","url":"/GMA/video/lindsay-lohans-father-arrested-14816285","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}