How Serious Are Lindsey Lohan's Legal Problems?

Legal analyst Dan Abrams discusses the troubled star's probation revocation.
2:13 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for How Serious Are Lindsey Lohan's Legal Problems?
And what Robin just said that judging -- she is very tough but how common is this for people to skip their probation. I made it it's it's not uncommon. But the amount of times Lindsay Lohan -- done it is a bit uncommon in the fact that she nighttime -- I think what can you imagine -- horrible here. I mean that's the worst physician to be and you know my client blew it off nine times and -- to explain that old as the turning point. Very tough position to be -- for the lawyer and so Lindsay Lohan has really got to start delivering the worst considered -- look. This -- serious. This is real. If you don't start fulfilling your requirements. You're going to go back to jail until November 2 that's the next the next hearing she's getting sixteen hours of community service before them at least at the more and a member. The -- that's like the worst place to get community service -- anywhere you can go she's cleaning up after autopsy -- you can imagine watching as -- -- do it. But the reality is she's got to do it if she wants to avoid jail time. The judge knows that the whole country. Is watching but is Lindsay being singled out. First special more harsh treatment more lenient treatment should be treated the way anybody would have a look up to this point I've been one of the few people out there are saying I think she's being treated like anyone else and possibly harsher. And people always hidden -- -- come on. She ought to be serving time. But remember we're talking about minor infractions a misdemeanor. Shoplifting charge a drunk driving charges not to minimize them. But most people don't serve serious times for those kind of of the -- repeated repeated violation that's the problem. Here is if it she keeps being warm and keeps being told and you know what she's a recognized that she's in the public. And because she's in the public guy the world is going to be watching the -- -- not just horror. And -- the judge has to be really careful not to be seen as being soft here so it's really important what happens now between yesterday's hearing in November 2. She's got to show with every ounce of her being. That she is taking this really seriously. If she is ready to do the community service and she's not gonna keep blowing it -- and if she does she probably avoids jail I think should be able to avoid jail time if -- clearly demonstrates that she gets -- at least for now. -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Legal analyst Dan Abrams discusses the troubled star's probation revocation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14777361","title":"How Serious Are Lindsey Lohan's Legal Problems?","url":"/GMA/video/lindsey-lohans-legal-problems-14777361"}