Lingerie Model Discusses Shocking Exit Off Runway

Kylie Bisutti says she ended career because her body was only for her husband.
2:42 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Lingerie Model Discusses Shocking Exit Off Runway
And privacy joins us now thanks for coming and thank you for having me you can not have expected all of -- attention. -- -- think it's absolutely crazy I'm just so thankful about. Well let's hope tell us about what happened because back in the model search back in 2009 move very determined to win here's what he said that -- that I have a very sweet. Personality but don't let that fool you I want this and I'll do what it takes to get it so what change. Well a lot. I was -- married at the time. And nice in the months early at he had just very recently. And crying and my relationship with the Lauren and my -- And a strong believing Christian. I just became so -- and about wanting to honor my has been my body. And -- to be a role model for other women out there. He'll look up to me was there anything you learned from inside the business that turned the offer was that not really. -- Allen really and it it was Smart just a hard issue for me and you had one encounter I think with a young cousin. Our viewers that really made a difference tell us about that. Yeah I dead I had crazy encounter quit my younger cousin. I was sitting around doing my make up in the near one day and she was just watching me and she's she's -- she's yeah -- a I was like what trying -- and she just what that means you -- like you know. I think I want -- -- being so that can look like you. Had -- just broke my heart -- now because she looked up to me and I didn't -- -- be that type of person that she thought she had to do that to be beautiful. They realized that she wasn't alone -- that -- thousands of girls all across the country dislike -- -- thousands of girls that. Think that being beautiful is. And outer. Issue and really it's -- hard issue. And I hadn't -- -- -- have to feel like she had to lose weight feel that -- how did your husband handle all -- did did he have a problem in the modeling. I he didn't at all. At least he announced he was so so supportive of me and -- and so thankful that he let me ground. And let me come to this decision on him. And he obviously prayed about it -- that now after talking time but here since -- in Miami -- -- its decision on him came to it. He's very thankful -- I'm very very thankful okay. -- what it will what are you gonna do now you -- you're gonna give a modeling complete them. Not definitely gonna pursue modeling I just wanna be mark -- about that and the jobs -- -- Tuesday always going to be honoring the line. -- key -- left for coming in thinking you started listening to you sometimes.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Kylie Bisutti says she ended career because her body was only for her husband.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15546254","title":"Lingerie Model Discusses Shocking Exit Off Runway","url":"/GMA/video/lingerie-model-discusses-shocking-exit-off-runway-15546254"}