Lisa Eldridge's YouTube Makeup Tutorials a Viral Hit

Makeup artist demonstrates how to recreate Audrey Hepburn's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" look.
12:50 | 04/03/13

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Transcript for Lisa Eldridge's YouTube Makeup Tutorials a Viral Hit
Hi everyone today I'm going to do want to demons requested -- on my web site. And that's his Audrey Hepburn. In Breakfast at Tiffany's. -- excited about this because it is one of my favorite films and everybody loves a -- and accused it is made in 1960 -- -- -- slightly different you can and I -- -- -- -- them. A lot of -- films in the -- -- think it. Funny face and Roman Holiday and Sabrina ritual made -- of 1953. And 57. And that's when she -- the huge really be done eyebrows is very typical of the time to have a very Don Brown in the fifties fashion or can happen is definitely give only the very don't conference married very. Seemed to drawn on eyebrows and the one where she knew we had -- lips and red lips bright pink. Much stronger lips. By 1960 wrong way and -- -- came out when Breakfast at Tiffany's came out so much much so to brow she's going -- still wouldn't say. But -- irony here is true and on and much softer and unless black so I -- just by using faction jamiat. East and number twenty beige. I posted decent concede under my eyes I -- -- -- not. And -- -- enormously secret come -- hours just to make sure that political blemishes and things. Oral and brushed out so it onto paper company humans to cordon adamant the -- -- Tiffany's makeup and that's the eyes. -- -- the island -- and I mapped out roughly dissident line I want to which is a -- -- for the eyelashes already on the signed a -- keeping an obscene -- in the unit kulana and then keeping it. Since the same weight against the same thickness all the way across. -- -- So stop by -- making civil you've got to get into -- that -- -- -- -- keep building known keep checking other ride she can see it straight ahead in -- Mara. You see where it's meant to start to get -- -- and especially -- NAFTA corn if you looked straight ahead. Really focus on the other on -- looking back. And and he can kind of do a little. Nothing -- for a -- anyway you want you -- they. Next time got ashes and use these case long's case yes I am just fun and dates -- -- -- -- -- and number 07. So I think that question to February. In the lashes and -- to -- very eerie feathery. Institute pristine. The couple notches on the I'm going to -- since -- -- could come. -- -- -- -- -- Her perfect shape full run Breakfast at Tiffany's. Rudy Rudy feathery and nice and feathery and negotiating out corner post they're giving iridium -- nine and two sort of -- -- animal kitten anxious and I. Which -- -- effect. I didn't have any -- -- -- the moments. And I have to wait for a moment at this point he's become clear if you are struggling with the lash application. Then not have done to really in debt for ideas on how to apply individuals and who strips haven't canaries. Much fun in the east room. Septa lashes on -- -- -- NASCAR freedom. Is a woman to remain non -- Feathery and soaked. So -- starting to -- on nice. And it can -- -- -- appearing. After the rest in the eye make up what he wants to. -- is the makeup artist and Breakfast at Tiffany's made some really wonderful and subtle changes throughout the film. -- the makeup and I think he did such a good job. For the day seeing shares have brown who -- their own again it's very very soft and Christie. And then through the evening seasonal -- -- -- -- -- -- sit here they won't black lineup often a little longer eyelash. And whereas during the day scenes there was no -- shadow -- a tool. For the evening season and just that the decision there are pretty hazy -- kind of core I just don't -- eight. Because -- naturally had to very deep youthful sockets and she didn't eat. From why didn't need to emphasize that anymore I think he just kept -- -- And sensitive clean and -- idea -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He played different often hunt dissident big news on -- their own on his -- to line. Both seek to make his eyes a little bit but sand mining solicitor or -- had -- on in the -- the -- just to -- to a base along the no wartime. She didn't have white it wasn't us of the fifties flight to lineup but -- did you get pretty clean. So on guns he's got busy in what they used to assist to the frost and pencil. I'm going to -- that just to keep that -- company. Rhymed. And there. And this is such and current. Makeup for anyone with more arise because its fourth and -- 600 do little bit subtle shading and -- to mix together gray and brown. Because most of the shelter and -- dissident grayish brown -- I'm -- -- line east you might like to this little trick. Which is to take most of the -- -- And then could and -- are so -- used in this grayish brown. -- -- to slightly away from the lashes senate. He kind of putting in a -- kind of big guy in -- way. And I just didn't -- for the scenes movies -- this writer -- and she's illusive -- it's up. -- mirroring the little kid nine so it's kind of guy alone. And is finishing about to feed a few millimeters away from that he -- even -- that if you hunted. And by -- -- Just sent to get back. From the last line. It just means that when you put you must go on the bulletins. You know an ice free meaningful -- -- away from the eyes so he gets angry being -- -- Altria skies. So again -- -- gray and brown -- -- days. Not T brownie uses there was no brownie on -- the make -- -- tool. Now -- -- cut it just on. A little bit for the night scenes. Solicited Croatia aging jets dominated if you're not as fortunate as who treat to have such an amazing soccer line. He can cheat an -- school and by. Just dusting in but again keep -- really really. -- so just to keep it a little -- change. Considered mimic the shape of her eyes. Keep -- enough truth can. The other really clever thing that what do you what's -- did he made the latest -- to be older considered old. You're not all. George pack it much more fifties you can see captain make it very very fifties and then. McCarty red lips and that the browns. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Morton in -- -- you know she has elicited -- sixties vibe going on -- very social causes any sixty bond the illegal the impression that she was. The young happening on and the other lady was incident stuck in the fifties. And sit on things like that until the -- it was done so well -- again so softly and -- made the film for me -- access because some substance to make. So -- -- -- -- CO TC for things that grounds. But this is a real step away from the 1950s. Or to happen McDougal used to -- we don't kind of really fake. Very very -- on brown paper in -- -- brown. Certainly there she was in 1960 with a much -- to brown still thick it is an actually sick. But so much you want to -- -- -- Pattinson and -- felt very very Martin's. I'm gonna stop buying. Rethinking -- not hear the tall. To turn them into. Who can shapes them into a line. -- can just brushed -- down a bit to this. -- from about here. -- so much that can. Mean she that he is opposed to -- out of grounds and anyone he's. You have plucked their eyebrows -- -- might want to. Concrete look at Breakfast at Tiffany's and be inspired to -- him back. It's just pretty fifteen in mop especially in this -- accident portion. The very very fit constraints. In Breakfast at Tiffany's are quite group cannot -- it wasn't a solid line Nike have been in. Funny face and her -- Roman Holiday in other films. Just -- corruption -- and break. Break -- line. -- cheeks quote we have to read each fresh pink -- Really be should be done so I'm in east China and Russia eight -- seventeen. And you -- if you wanted a little -- -- touring if you go around facing unity and I'm sent. -- -- of CP -- -- things but just make sure it doesn't look like Bruins because. There was nine runs an initiative brownie nests on the skin of Turin is very very fresh skin. So any grounds it would just make -- -- pretty cheap and not state. Something you see -- -- I was really behind on the -- And its class -- area really threats. -- who sit up here. Until that Russia -- he's a little bit of stone dust powder -- to a mass today. -- -- -- -- -- Don't too much shipment but -- solicited hopefully emulate that incredible honey would like to me she had. The -- Connie throughout the film is the most incredible pain keep peach color really tracts. And didn't really can live -- that color is a scene right to the end when she's in the taxi. And isn't and that should -- -- she says something on the lines of a -- couldn't connect until she's been mixed income and she can't send it to count you see this beach -- beach O'Connor. Before I did I'm just going -- -- and it's because she had a little bit and Huntsman to little bit of lining underneath -- going to be -- On the hope that she actually have left since Easter in the fifties and fifties she really had -- -- here and here ask those that left in the fifties this huge -- it. Sure it. He stood up releasing this to talk to -- -- not. She booked him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could it come -- I hadn't actually -- that exact content to hands. And having to -- to -- -- T shapes. I'm mixed together -- issue which is confidence in his. Sixties peach. -- arraignment today and a little bit. Of record on Matt and the slowness in 92 that it -- -- -- -- of -- Trust roughly the same conduct undercover is actually see -- don't migraine -- can't find it here. Today right this minute not -- Christina applicants unsafe. Stealing from the -- in the bronze and I'm just keep it very pinky and friends and I think you need some more jewelry because -- can't be honeycomb nightly. Without some earrings. -- -- -- -- This -- been so -- Fun I'm really really in Jillian didn't make it on myself never -- -- be -- And that is it that's Michael to happen and playing Honeycutt and I play in Breakfast at Tiffany's -- scientists. I can I can't.

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{"id":18873136,"title":"Lisa Eldridge's YouTube Makeup Tutorials a Viral Hit","duration":"12:50","description":"Makeup artist demonstrates how to recreate Audrey Hepburn's \"Breakfast at Tiffany's\" look.","url":"/GMA/video/lisa-eldridges-youtube-makeup-tutorials-viral-hit-18873136","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}