Lisa Irwin Parents' Home Searched

Cadaver dogs pick up positive hit in bedroom of Lisa Irwin's parents.
2:52 | 10/22/11

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Transcript for Lisa Irwin Parents' Home Searched
You Begin this half hour with a stunning new development in the search for baby Lisa. ABC has obtained court documents that say FBI cadaver dogs got a positive hits and her parents bet -- out. ABC's meg Oliver is here with the details good morning -- Good morning beyond that and because of that positive hit police executed the first search of the -- Kansas City home without their consent on Wednesday He spent seventeen hours inside removing everything from documents to a carpet. As authorities scoured the -- home this week. FBI dogs reacted to the extent of the dead body next to the parents dead. A report the police did not want released fearing people would stop searching for baby -- in. Studies. -- of cadaver dogs where the dog has. Direct access. To this sense. And it's reasonably fresh. It's about 90%. But one of the famous lawyers in an exclusive interview GMA -- those dogs could be picking up the scent of something else. My understanding is that there was there are cold cases where where dogs had hit on sensitive. Decomposition that had been in the home for as long as 28 years. This is an old home 63. Years old there could be a lot of other explanations for that. It has been almost three weeks and could relied baby girl vanished from her bedroom. The parents say some -- kidnapped her and are pleading for Lisa safe return. Three people have come -- supporting that theory and they are now speaking to GMA. First couple three houses down from -- and saw a man carrying a baby shortly after midnight October 4. It is shocking inside I couldn't imagine any of any outside walking. With their baby in the cold like that would no clothes on then nephew hours later and three miles away. Mike Thompson was driving home from work when He -- the same thing at this intersection. For a lot of good morning. For united reason they don't have a blanket and -- and -- The new affidavit also revealed a strange comment from the baby's mother usage didn't initially want to look release -- behind the house because -- She was afraid of what she might find. She was deathly afraid. And I think and that fear not knowing what it happens -- that child that. She didn't want to find something in the back -- that might have been terrible. The Palin's lawyer out of the parents have cooperated with police this entire time consenting to searches hair samples and have even -- -- younger sons to be interviewed without them. The parents say they have nothing to do with her disappearance and just want to find their. Baby -- accepting inside of that home to parents let us inside it certainly looked like a home where the children were taking care what with a lot of love. That remains BC has been -- turnout fascinating baffling case thank you may.

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{"id":14792120,"title":"Lisa Irwin Parents' Home Searched","duration":"2:52","description":"Cadaver dogs pick up positive hit in bedroom of Lisa Irwin's parents. ","url":"/GMA/video/lisa-irwin-parents-home-searched-14792120","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}