Presley's New Graceland Exhibit

Elvis' daughter talks about the exhibit, "Elvis: Through His Daughter's Eyes"
6:13 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for Presley's New Graceland Exhibit
Listen to help -- When -- period from 1970 because we're about to turn to a rare interview with Lisa Marie Presley -- -- 35 years. Since Elvis passed away and -- paying tribute to her father with a new and very personal exhibit Graceland. She gave -- Cameron mathison a private tour before the opening joins us now with a sneak -- in camp. Personal apology for -- -- name over the top of the hour but also let me talk to Lisa Marie she really got a bit about. Both are dead and her former husband Michael Jackson. Yeah she issue did the Georgia got the chance to sit down with Lisa -- talk about everything really from the new exhibit. Called -- through his daughter's eyes to how she is coping with the death of Michael Jackson. How this restaurant. An American original road -- Shaking -- heartbreaking. History making sensation. -- -- And the -- prince -- baby Lisa Marie -- Elvis and Priscilla in nineteen. PA in Memphis Tennessee. Lisa Marie is a mother herself with the three home win. You know at some point. You have to sit down and tell these girls. So there was this guy named Obama's. How how do you do that. Well you know we came into the exhibit last night to be honest and I'm -- pointed at the camera she said that's my that's my and -- -- -- -- grandfather. Their little iPod in their room and I put his music on in the dance and then you know and explain this is your grandfather and they kind of just happily say that's -- farther south. She also has a daughter Riley an actress would not one not two but for movies coming out this year and a son -- with a striking resemblance to grandpa. The whole family unit spent Thanksgiving at Graceland. I hate love coming here I just I just -- can exhale one here I feel like I can deflate. Before the twins the king of rock's daughter briefly married the King of Pop. Whose drug addiction and death mirrored elvis' demise. You seem to be having a tough time around this time helped heal lesions. And I think time helps but you know I think done. It's. -- ongoing process I think. Listening you kind of the start learning how to live with after awhile you have to do. Lisa Marie's father died when she was nine and her memories are -- child. -- did -- have a favorite song that he liked to sing to you. I think what a distinctly remember was I can't help falling in love you sing. -- -- For whatever reason waking me up. To do things you know I get in the golf cart and go take me you know for arrived. -- -- In the wee hours of the morning -- some -- published in the Mindanao but it was always really special for me -- -- the -- -- -- golf cart -- -- with them. Call Lisa Marie returned home to Graceland to shoot the cover for her third album storm and grace to be released in May. You said in the past that you've done art out of anger what was your inspiration for this. Nine -- anymore. It definitely over the -- what's been shift -- probably maturing and then. Having the babies found softening me here is shedding a lot of articles in my life that were not good for me. And today on her birthday Lisa Marie unveils a raw and very personal exhibits. Oldest through his daughter's eyes revealing to the public for the very first time. Never before seen family mementos her rocking chairs and -- things. You remember these -- in the -- of the strike you do. Andrew -- well. I remember -- rocket on the -- against the fact that I can't. Afford discovered the golf cart this and then left and -- and. This scarf that she discovered in the archives with Diane Sawyer a few years ago with a special handwritten message I love my -- Daddy. Since 1970 to 1917. And an impressive reproduction of the kings closet. Is this so you remembered your -- addressing of course Stephanie and this is this -- art remember his -- is the most amazing close ever. Including a ten patents including the impact she had one last treasured -- the collection from deep. Inside the secret climate controlled tornado proof mark. Chris -- -- briefcase full of from the sixty. -- -- the coolest thing ever listened intently not this guitar from the movies and it's. No it was this his personal travel -- So -- all of his everything this picture of his father. This is the closest thing you know -- The physical world that he had them so it was kind of go -- one thing that I felt connected to. The exhibit. -- through his daughter's eyes will be at Graceland starting today Lisa Marie's birthday for the next two years and are expecting millions of visitors of course. In fact. Graceland is the second to most visited home in America second only -- -- you know something about George. The White House when this had a lot more people going to be going after the see that stuff -- was fantastic camp. And tells -- at least results been inspired to start a new family tradition. Should he -- she did she told me that they had Thanksgiving there this this past year at Graceland and she's trying to work it into a fairly tradition to spend the holidays bring family there every year and end. -- by the Thanksgiving or Christmas there at Graceland can you imagine what that would be like I actually cannot but it's -- they can't thanks very efficient at.

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"Elvis' daughter talks about the exhibit, \"Elvis: Through His Daughter's Eyes\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15487742","title":" Presley's New Graceland Exhibit","url":"/GMA/video/lisa-marie-presleys-graceland-exhibit-evil-through-daughters-eyes-15487742"}