A-Lister Katie Holmes Takes Beauty World by Storm

Actress teams up with cosmetic giant Bobbi Brown for line inspired by old journals.
6:35 | 10/09/13

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Transcript for A-Lister Katie Holmes Takes Beauty World by Storm
Now that katie holmes, the actress and designer becoming the first face of bobby brown cosmetics a year ago. She's here with the first bobby brown celebrity collaboration. Bobby and katie. First, I want to catch up here. Katie holmes. Wonderful to see you again. Look at that big smile. And we have bobby over there. And we're going to talk to them in a moment. And also, the makeup lessons. Let's catch up a little bit. Yes. You have so much going on in fashion. You're not quitting your day job, either. Involved with a lot of movies, as well. How do you keep it all in balance? It's exciting to work with wonderful people. I love working with bobby. I love working with john. I love working with the people at alterna. It's been wonderful since it's breast cancer awareness month, that everyone can be involved together. And you know, I'm glad that we're getting to it this week. I'm on my way to south africa next week to start a film. With meryl streep. Tell us a little about that. I'm really excited. It's a film is directing. Meryl streep and jeff bridges. A beautiful story. I'll leave it at that. You leave us wanting more. I love that. I'm glad you're doing that. You were busy on fashion week. Who are you wearing? Who are you wearing? I'm wearing yang jacket and shirt. And you know, I do this with my dear friend, jeanine. And she inspires me. And we have a good time doing it. We had a great time this year at fashion week. We did a show at this gallery close to my apartment in chelsea. Neat. We do see you out and about so much. Can't keep me in. We don't want to. But how has it been? What's the best part of being here in new york and being on your own this time in your life? What's the best part of it? You know, I've always loved new york. Especially this time of year because it's still warm. And you get to -- just walking around and being inspired by people. And you know, it's great to see you last week. And that amazing luncheon. There's so many wonderful people in this city. And they're right here. Right here. And so, you can -- two hours of having lunch with people. And you're filled with so many ideas. You make yourself very approachable. Let's take a little walk, shall we? Please. Over here. And this has been a wonderful partnership you have talked about, bobby. And how much working together you don't look at her as a celebrity face. But more of a partner. A partner. And katie's a real working mom. Like you. And for all of us, we need all of the help we can get. John? I have been working with katie. But I also have been doing these ladies. A number of deals. Now -- we have to show the before. There's the before. And we have to say that all of these lovely ladies are also breast cancer survivors, wearing the pink. What do you think, bobby? For any woman to feel good, it's really important. And moisturizer. Concealer is number one. When you are tired, when you feel tired, you don't want to look tired. Corrective concealer and mascara, the secret. We hate it when people say, oh, you look tired. Yes. A nice, pink blush. All the girls got amazing pink blush. The proceeds -- $10 goes to breast cancer foundation. It certainly does. You look beautiful. We have -- her daughter and i had to argue with her. I loved her big fro. She made me make it smaller. I made that. Sea level. Let's move on. We have the before picture. The before picture. And now, after. The great thing here, instead of -- people go through chemotherapy, their hair changes dramatically. So, now, I cut her hair so that it's easy and smooth again. You know, it gets all crazy. Beautiful. And bobby? An important thing when women are tired or getting better from an illness, moisturizer. You need to really plump the skin. And again, blush. Pink blush makes every woman pretty. And now, our final beautiful model. Before. And spin her around. Oh, my goodness. Wow. Again, we were coloring hair at 5:00 a.M. And it's always a great time to do things. And using the products, we have gotten each of the hair moist. And that's kind of crucial. To have good conditioned hair, you're going to look great. And eyebrows. I want to point out that her eyebrows, in order to fill them in. Eye shadow works the best. And eye shadow to define the eyes. And just definition makes every woman beautiful. Bobby and john, thank you so much. And these beautiful, beautiful women have all gone through breast cancer. And you're not survivors. You're thrivers. And appreciate that very much. The moment your hair starts growing in, throw away the wig because it's your face is always more important. You are -- don't wear the wig once your hair starts growing. Katie, you really aligned yourself with wonderful people, haven't you? Yes, thank you. And I love working with them. I love worked with bobby. And having opportunities to get to know these three women. It's so inspiring. And you're beautiful all on the inside. You're glowing. We love to say they're not makeovers, they're makeup lessons. Accentuating what's there. About being your best self. Bobby, john, katie, wonderful

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{"id":20515661,"title":"A-Lister Katie Holmes Takes Beauty World by Storm","duration":"6:35","description":"Actress teams up with cosmetic giant Bobbi Brown for line inspired by old journals.","url":"/GMA/video/lister-katie-holmes-takes-beauty-world-storm-20515661","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}