Live 'GMA' Flash Wedding Bride: 'I Had to Go With It'

Couple talks about their surprise wedding on 'Good Morning America' on Valentine's Day.
4:27 | 03/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Live 'GMA' Flash Wedding Bride: 'I Had to Go With It'
Anyway you might remember that -- that we did a GMA -- love live event on Valentine's here they'll never and it yes. That's fair and Brian bond the proposed to Melissa. -- -- -- -- -- She had no idea not only the proposal was coming. But that she would be happy to -- that. Not no rush through a car wash -- getting ready to be married and get married lives on GMA. So we're and this on national proposal -- we we brought him back we just had that we had to find out how things are going to hear they. -- via -- this morning how guy. -- Why employers how are we still married I have to ask this -- still married first time we are currently OK -- today can't fix. Melissa I -- look this is the show where we go behind the scenes and so let's just let's just say it. We got -- a lot of tweets and a lot of messages on social media in the minutes and hours following that show. She didn't want to do that so we've got and now -- Really -- -- they're not even wanting no feelings right there right so what did you think. -- it went from proposal to about fifteen seconds later we were -- be doing this -- the 53. And -- go ahead. Gonna happen again does. Can't you can't even run in his national televisions. Did you really didn't feel pressured into account where you were you happy not. Yeah that sounds pretty that's so it and found -- -- Happens and they reviewed all and I mean and it lands plot and -- got me how beautiful it is zone that I'm gonna ask bar and then afterwards -- Brennan Wednesday on the I think -- -- -- really isn't yet and that's and that's -- we should say see you actually went to City Hall. Because we had lake lake. The skipper from Gilligan's Island and we -- Actually -- -- the other. But but captain Arnold Randall and Ireland and we wind downed US in the -- we've -- -- City Hall when you still to redress in the in the W -- everywhere the other you are so -- for -- -- -- I mean I never indignant press often. You look at -- defendant's dock it's awesome and how was dinner I know you guys went to dump as does how has it. Dinner was unbelievable. We've got -- little white every single person I know you guys you know in the plaza Monday. So that the -- was not real and we didn't even get into the -- -- because I was just don't believe everything else that was so good. That's awesome and then we -- you -- -- -- you mentioned the dress and that's heavy dress I was taught. You beat you took it home that you can we can you what you -- you flew home with the dressed. Allah and Mohammed went on the plane and -- -- I low end especially -- getting you there right now -- ourselves in the summer. Sitting at Khartoum. And yes I do have their pets you can we please keep us -- -- -- it appears like Twitter pictures so that we can put it on television and and one more thing you guys. I know it's not for everybody but but do you think it was just the right thing for you guys to do with this way. Do absolutely everything anybody know me saying. I'm no adverse -- -- I but he does knowing who I am sound from somebody here I'm so glad I don't people who don't know where you're really honestly sometimes during the show a -- -- -- -- -- -- It is by the way our producers -- -- mean they had they had gone to great lengths to -- did say exactly -- -- -- -- Look seriously if there's one woman out there who is going to get -- who's going to. Enjoy this or enjoy the craziness of -- we've got there. And so thank you thank you thank you because boy that just could have been absolutely disastrous television. And after and -- don't think it's gonna thank you guys is low because New York City for the first time for me that was unbelievable. In my hands at all when I wanted to ABC really made it happen. Yeah. You -- are no unimportant yearly handling -- -- up and in the vast and hang happy proposal that I write magnet. Oh aren't you guys inside a little little -- Currently.

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{"id":18772155,"title":"Live 'GMA' Flash Wedding Bride: 'I Had to Go With It'","duration":"4:27","description":"Couple talks about their surprise wedding on 'Good Morning America' on Valentine's Day.","url":"/GMA/video/live-gma-flash-wedding-bride-18772155","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}