J-Lo Breaks Down on Stage

Singer, "American Idol" judge cried during song that focused on her breakups.
2:19 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for J-Lo Breaks Down on Stage
More now on the story we first told you about on Monday Jennifer Lopez to overcome with emotion at her weekend concert in Connecticut. Now she's speaking out about what really made her -- and agencies into handing the phones -- morning. Good morning -- it was definitely an interesting night at that concert and she seemed to embrace her tears afterwards. The unexpected emotion appeared to be over her famous -- cups which actually incorporated into the show. Even some of the fans in the crowd were crying. Jenny from the block is back. Wowing the crowd. -- used to discipline him. Emotional turn. To reminisce on the love seat head. Months. It's okay. Okay. Stories that include four engagements and three divorces. The most recent was announced in July with Marc Anthony. During the song into it beats no more she even had backup dancers resembling her -- Including -- at the Oscars -- of the grammys and Marc Anthony on American Idol. It is hard to bring -- to tears. Everybody got nothing gamers standing ovation and I think He or she felt a -- from the crowd so that she got more overwhelmed and it was nice anybody who was -- we love you don't know she explained why she welled up during an interview with extra. After the regular you know person like everybody else I have feelings and emotion that my life goes grade nickel is not great sometimes -- it is what it is -- You know what we keep going. But she could have a new love to help her get over her past ones. Most recently she's been spotted around the block with actor Bradley cuper. -- -- -- order to get the ferry telling you have to be good with yourself before you can share your life with someone else she says she's at a stage in her life that is quote. Hot so loud on the floor. And sexy thoughts -- -- that you probably -- -- -- hot and sexy you know playing much more like that I didn't have are hint hint you think you.

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{"id":14808595,"title":"J-Lo Breaks Down on Stage","duration":"2:19","description":"Singer, \"American Idol\" judge cried during song that focused on her breakups.","url":"/GMA/video/lo-breaks-stage-14808595","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}