J-Lo and Casper Cooling Off?

Paula Froelich, Michael LeWittes discuss recent news surrounding power couple.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Transcript for J-Lo and Casper Cooling Off?
♪ welcome back. Jennifer lopez -- and the rumor mill overthrow, right now here to separate fact from fiction, rumor has it. Please welcome founder off gossip.Com, michael willis. And paula froelich. I guess we got to start here. J. Lo, casper smart. There's some photo, I'm told, that is -- well, here it is. What am I looking at here? What should I be looking at? The atm or that other store? Well, from his perspective, the atm. You know. Definitely he was photographed at the wrong place at the wrong time. He maintains -- what is that? That's a peep show? Yeah, yeah. Yes. And -- fun factory. He maintains that he ran in there to go to the atm. Got his money. Which, by the way, is super sweet. Those who live in new york, those buildings you hold your nose, clutch your purse and run past. As opposed to saying, oh, there's an atm. As opposed to the other 5 MILLION ATMs IN MANHATTAN. It doesn't look good. What do we know about this? Let's not jump to any conclusions. You know what, we know he's upset he got photographed outside that building. The lawyers upset. They are threatening the star and other places saying it's false and defamiliarer to, saying he was caught cheating. And he's saying he was not caught shecheating. They're threatening a lawsuit now. It probably cost $4 to use that atm. There are reports that they're breaking up, then we see pictures of them with the kids looking really, really happy. What do you know about that? This is what happens? The picture in front of this peep show, it says there are problems in the relationship, they're breaking up. And despite that photo they are fine and they were photographed over the weekend looking happy. I'm going to add something in here, I'm more skeptical than michael. Do you think that's pr? I'm skeptical, because if we all remember bennifer, and they're all in love. She likes to do this. She likes the manly men. The guys she stace with, are usually the one was power and kind of manly. This is like a chris judd redux. And amanda dunne really needs to find a driver. Arrested on suspicion a few months ago. Oh, amanda. Pleading not guilty in court. Michael what happened this saturday? This saturday, she rear-ended another car. She got out this time. The last time she rear-ended a cop and drove off. This time she learned her lesson and got out and said, I see your bumper is messed up. And she said your car is really messed up. Let exchange insurance. She said no, that's very minor and drove off again. So -- are there charges here? No, they did file a het and run report. Is this the biggest crime? She has other stuff to worry about. Sand thing, people are only remember these hits now not the ones she had on screen years ago. At the end of the day this is another stop on the train wreck express. Do you think we're headed for trouble? You're kind of heading to lindsay lohanville. Oh, no, I hate to hear that. At some point, I'm like, you got to stop. You know what is going to be really good? Melissa etheridge. Yes!

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{"id":16941720,"title":"J-Lo and Casper Cooling Off?","duration":"3:00","description":"Paula Froelich, Michael LeWittes discuss recent news surrounding power couple.","url":"/GMA/video/lo-casper-cooling-off-gaa-rumor-16941720","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}