Kristen Stewart Walking Red Carpet?

Joe Levy, Marisa Guthrie discuss recent happenings in "GAA" Pop Whip.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Kristen Stewart Walking Red Carpet?
Lopez has a lawyer -- she is fighting back accusing her former driver of blackmail and trying to -- personal information. It's a big story we're gonna talk about that and then also will Kristen Stewart face -- -- -- Get up the gumption to walk the red carpet at her new movie premiere we are tackling these hot Hollywood. -- -- -- -- help us do it she -- from Billboard Magazine she from the Hollywood reporter he is Joseph Levy she Marisa Guthrie. Okay. -- Until he gets -- -- It sort of takes me that we don't hear about the sort of thing more often maybe tentative and Jennifer Lopez again. Accusing her former driver tried to extort her what can you tell us this is a crazy story this is like an episode of law and orders of the drivers says. Unload some money -- mode should 200000 dollars -- so she fires back with a twenty million dollar lawsuit. -- Did he threaten to extort her if -- she did not pay him two point eight million dollars a look at the logic here. He goes in -- for two point eight million they say no any site. -- -- you through our 2000. -- did that make any sense of not actually -- what six -- does so well extortion businesses he drove for her since 2005. When she was still married and he says he if you don't pay me she alleges he said if you don't pay me two point eight million dollars. And where do you get that figure why not just go to bridges -- -- -- -- you don't maybe two point eight million dollars I'm -- reveal personal information I heard while I was in the frenzy. Teresa well there's a lot more places that want this information that encourage people to break these confidentiality agreements he certainly -- -- not sure yet. And they want any kind of dirt they can get on celebrities and they sometimes they -- when. -- risk. Breaking their confidentiality agreement. Because they can make more money even if they break it gives you did you make so much money by giving -- information says sort of -- parties that will put it in. Blogs and whatnot. Well I think it's it's it's the encouragement it's that someone wants the information. And so that that -- can use that to hold over Jennifer and say you know I can give this information to this site in this Clayton site. Very quickly Joseph also Kristen Stewart but we hear now won't be attending the London premiere of a movie on the road also has dropped out. Of another -- she was in what can -- You know these two things may not be related -- all people drop out of movies all the time this is a tough time for her she's going through scandal -- quite a love triangle it's more what the quadrant. -- -- -- You know I don't think she was ever going to the London premiere of on the road this is small film it's a London premiere this is not the kind of thing she would have been contractually obligated to go to promote effective a little more information on this -- -- She hurt sources close to -- say that no one from the American none of the Americans were scheduled to go it's it's a wonder premier they don't want to release some sort of counter statement. Because they don't want to encourage you know the blog that first put up this story -- sides of the -- -- Rupert Sanders -- liberty Ross scored at least -- Well I mean look he's he's -- sent a well received movie Snow White -- hunts them. She's got a few other projects in pre production certainly Hollywood is very tolerant of personal transgressions and peccadilloes. Especially when it comes to men. They are going into therapy they seem to want to work it out he can get over that might. Yeah we'd -- have a picture up on the screen that's his wife liberty wearing no bring it she's photographed outside -- an office building a giant office building that happens to have two lawyers so of course. Let's make that jobs. To divorce lawyer right. So it's yeah there's little live a shorter John Cabot it's a huge office -- -- -- -- I feel like nobody really knows what goes on. Doctor -- and I'm sure -- spends more time discussing -- does Joseph Levy. And Marisa -- we really appreciate. Okay.

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{"id":16971131,"title":"Kristen Stewart Walking Red Carpet?","duration":"3:00","description":"Joe Levy, Marisa Guthrie discuss recent happenings in \"GAA\" Pop Whip.","url":"/GMA/video/lo-driver-kristen-stewart-walking-red-carpet-16971131","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}