J-Lo, Marc Anthony Work Together After Split

Former Hollywood power-couple appear together for a project they began together.
2:33 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for J-Lo, Marc Anthony Work Together After Split
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony stayed married for seven years but even though the split had its nasty moments. It seems like the couples working partnership is going strongly recently appeared together for a project created when they were still husband and wife and -- -- -- through -- war on out everywhere. -- together and it's weird that they were on the cover all the tabloids they -- each other with war of the roses and now this. There were no dirty looks no cheap shots but no wedding rings -- Despite their public divorce and very public sexy rebounds. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are together again holding hands sharing laughs and -- for the cameras but they're not rekindling their claim it's all for their new baby. Reality show he'd be back. Additional searching for Latin America's top talent is a partnership. -- the former couple to share their passions post split -- rumors of Anthony's jealousy and concern for their twins wellbeing aside. The couple told extra we won't -- in -- And her friends declining home friends and the hotel we're into day in the second major. We're gonna get I was an only advertisement so this evening -- celebrity splits are Hollywood staple. -- taxes are able to work side by side even after the break -- Things didn't end well for Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz and they eventually went on to costar in bad teacher even sharing a love scene I'm crashing on someone I think it could be -- Shrewsbury more Justin Long reunited in going the distance and the once hot couple of Gossip Girl Blake lively and hadn't actually managed to keep their differences offsets. As for. The -- banking. Partners and he lets me do my thing. -- Along step by the storm coming up all we have -- suddenly and the -- -- Again it's something they can now even joke about socialists and he. -- -- Even on a couple arrived -- -- about holding hands or divorce is still going forward how they divide their combined fortune estimated as high -- 315. Million dollars depends on. Which state the couple files and now -- they have an eight million dollar mansion in California New York they have two homes worth six million dollars. And -- Florida they have a Miami penthouse it is a rough ride and that's before all the proceeds from --

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{"id":15377253,"title":"J-Lo, Marc Anthony Work Together After Split","duration":"2:33","description":"Former Hollywood power-couple appear together for a project they began together.","url":"/GMA/video/lo-marc-anthony-work-split-15377253","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}