Lois Goodman Released: Charges of Murdering Husband Dropped

Abbie Boudreau looks at the surprising change in the case against tennis referee.
2:07 | 12/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lois Goodman Released: Charges of Murdering Husband Dropped
Now, to the huge game-changing twist in a bizarre murder case we've been following here. Check out the before and after. This is 70-year-old pro tennis ref, lois goodman on the day she was arrested at the u.S. Open. And this is her with a big smile after a big surprise in this case. Abbie boudreau all over the story. Reporter: It was freedom day for lois goodman. As she cut off the police monitoring bracelet she wore, while standing trial for murder. I always maintained my innocence. And I'm just thrilled, thrilled, to get back to my life. Reporter: All charges, dismissed. Based upon this information, we announced that we are unable to proceed with the case at this time. It is an amazing day for justice and for miss goodman. She has gone through hell with this case. Reporter: Prosecutors had accused the long-time tennis ref of bludgeons her husband to death with a coffee mug. And then, covering up the crime. From the start, goodman claimed she was innocent. She's in shock. I mean, this is insane. Reporter: Even her daughter, telling "gma," there's no way her mother was capable of murder. She's a nice, warm-hearted person. My mother would never do this. She's completely innocent. Reporter: Goodman told police her 80-year-old husband, alan, died after falling down the stares and hit his head. When released on bail, she was still wearing her uniform. All along, her lawyers arguing the case against her was weak. Claiming she passed a polygraph test. And said her dna was nowhere to be found on that coffee mug. In a los angeles courtroom friday, prosecutors told the judge, based on new information, they were dropping the murder charges against goodman and dismissing her case. Possible charges could be brought against goodman in the future if new information comes to light. But for now, she says she's happy to be a free woman. Even joking about going to disneyland.

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{"id":17855025,"title":"Lois Goodman Released: Charges of Murdering Husband Dropped","duration":"2:07","description":"Abbie Boudreau looks at the surprising change in the case against tennis referee.","url":"/GMA/video/lois-goodman-released-charges-murdering-husband-dropped-17855025","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}