London 2012 Olympics: Meet the U.S. Women's Soccer Team

Get to know the team making waves at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for London 2012 Olympics: Meet the U.S. Women's Soccer Team
The u.S. Women's soccer team is counting down to their gold medal match against their rival, japan. We're all rooting for america to take home their third gold medal in a row. And julie fouty joins us right now from london with more on the team and their chances. Good morning, julie. Good morning, amy. Consider yourself warned because watching this team isn't for the feint of heart, as we saw them come in for their victory against canada, from their semifinals. And on top of that, from a year ago, the u.S. Team has emotions that are fresh and raw today. It was the moment that shocked the sporting world. The vaunted usa. Reporter: Team usa, who suffered a gut-wrenching loss to japan in last summer's world cup final, now has a chance at redemption. Everyone on the team that i asked said, they are here not to defend the 2008 gold medal. But to beat japan and avenge that loss. Reporter: So, who are these women warriors of the soccer field? 32-year-old co-captain, abby wambach, is tied as the second-highest gold scorer in the world. If the ball is in the air, abby will win the battle for that ball. Reporter: Nicknamed baby horse, 23-year-old alex morgan practices serious game-day rituals. Like putting her right sock on before her left. And wearing her signature pink headband. It's a good feeling to know i will represent my country. Reporter: Goalkeeper, hope solo, took over as the starter in 2005. At one point, the 31-year-old famously played over 1,000 minutes straight without giving up a single goal. The equivalent of 12 matches without anyone scoring on her. Finally, there's team captain christie rampone. The mother of two is the longest-serving member of the team and the anchor of the back line. They've come from behind in games to win this tournament. That's given them so much confidence. Reporter: So, the stage is set for battle on the field, part two. Just who will come out on top this time? Amy, they have been talking about it. The u.S. Team having another chance at japan, since they stepped off the field last year. And we know loss is an incredibly powerful motivator. It is, julie. We can't wait. Thanks for that.

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{"id":16955860,"title":"London 2012 Olympics: Meet the U.S. Women's Soccer Team","duration":"3:00","description":"Get to know the team making waves at the 2012 Summer Olympics.","url":"/GMA/video/london-2012-olympic-games-meet-alex-morgan-usa-16955860","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}