London Olympic Games 2012: Athletes iPod Playlist

Cecilia Vega investigates what music Olympians are listening to.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for London Olympic Games 2012: Athletes iPod Playlist
Athletes hanging out, warming up in the headphones. And what's playing in them, getting them fired up for the moment they've trained so long for. What are they listening to before going for their respective goals. Abc's cecilia vega spoke to them. Find out what gets them going. And good morning to you, cecilia. Reporter: It's jay-z for the basketball players. The runners like beyonce. And the gymnasts? What's on your play list? Lil wayne. Reporter: Lil wayne and gymnastics. That's a combo. Not only did danell leyva win the bronze. He let me try his medal on. And described how he won it. For many olympians, blasting their favorite tunes is as much a part of the pregame ritual as slipping on the speedos. I feel like he's the guy out there listening to music. He's been vocal, he doesn't like listening to people cheer for him. He takes those off right before he jumps in the pool. And I think other athletes are following suit. Reporter: Some of the songs pumping the athletes up might come as a surprise. ♪ Wasting away again in margaritaville ♪ Reporter: Cheers for johnston. A little head-banger rock for jones. And then, there's the u.S. Rowing team. The sound of the ocean or something soothing, no? You would think. But it's not as soothing as you think. Reporter: What are you listening to? It's more tuned towards the united states of america. Good morning, america. It's a gabby golden morning. The girl who gave up so much for gold strikes it rich. Her leaps, her flips,hat smile. Gabby douglas, the all-around champ in a riveting performance for the ages. And michael phelps takes the duel in the pool, dominating ryan lochte, as the all-time great takes his 20th medal. America, now, in the overall lead. Good morning, america. Showdown, right now in one of america's most popular fast food restaurants. As gay activists fight back at chick-fil-a. How the battle over gay marriage is about a chicken sandwich. And an abc news exclusive. Baseball legend cal ripken speaks out for the first time about his mother's harrowing abduction at gunpoint. He wants your help catching this ♪ party in the usa ♪ Reporter: Not bad, right? You may have seen these headphones. They're very popular among the athletes here. Beats by dr. Dre. I have the u.K. Version. They're stirring a little bit of controversy at these london games. Olympic officials accusing the company of breaking marketing rules by handing them out to the athletes who get photographed in them. That's not allowed any longer. It turns out the hot-ticket items may have just gotten a little hotter out here.

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{"id":16920625,"title":"London Olympic Games 2012: Athletes iPod Playlist","duration":"3:00","description":"Cecilia Vega investigates what music Olympians are listening to. ","url":"/GMA/video/london-olympic-games-2012-team-usa-athletes-ipod-16920625","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}