Splurge or Save: Top Fashion Trends for 2012

"Lucky" magazine contributor explains how to get great looks for less.
4:56 | 01/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Splurge or Save: Top Fashion Trends for 2012
Trying to get in style for 2012 we're going to show you the -- must have trends every one will be wearing from celebrities on the red carpet to the fashion forward on the sidewalk. And how to get them for a fraction the cost -- our good friend here Lori -- model. To stop computer and extra Lucky Magazine is here. Determine how about -- I can't do Jack and that's okay. Thank you ever going to lose the -- again. Because I don't want to let them how to decide which one has to splurge and which -- to save. We've even made it harder with the models that we have no wait that's right because they are identical to -- the let's get started. -- matters. Trend that's out there in the marketplace right now they know lucky and it GMA here -- -- able to go out and biceps with the bright colored. Pants and now. Wrapping -- an audience. Which we think is the one that it. Thousands of dollars had to tell more than the other way and talk about you Debbie here Debbie -- is the deadliest readiness seeing -- steady this let me let me ask. It. -- -- think -- you think Lauren isn't splurge lieutenant. -- around and you let us know which -- we Gatos. It's not -- Let me explain to me your friend -- -- -- wearing a pair of red pants. Remix tracks and Lauren is wearing a pair from Saint John it's all about the difference in the color and the fabric. And I know ginger here when women today is wearing similar -- is very contract ended his. Did rather well. This is indeed -- direction that we're seen. And it's just a matter of the fabric it's a little fancier from Saint John they get similar -- -- -- It's all of personal preference each one looks gorgeous and look at that big savings -- huge cities ladies -- you very much well yeah you -- started off. Are right at our next trend that we have here in the war isn't Big Ten -- -- -- -- -- We haven't seen -- marrying her transistor and -- but let's talk about -- and -- Which do we think gene -- here is the scene or this -- -- -- -- Yeah. Well there is -- ending mainly that you're the same so let us -- one assume anything revealing any -- now. And senate hearing really different this morning Soledad Taylor in the -- January yearning for each ten blazer which is under thirty dollars. You can see it's a little flat -- wider -- -- But her sister -- -- is wearing went from TB it's a little bit more tailored and has since princess puffed sleeves -- You can see the lining of a little different and -- in a little bit at the back. Those are the main difference is you're looking for and who but really I think had to tell just like between themselves the looks are pretty identify -- -- -- -- And those beautiful smiles. We'll tell you put it if I think that -- Obama think you both very much pain literally the guys from southern cal what. I know I'm really worried about this what I like he maybe. Three got -- studio. I think we could -- biblical -- last look at hope you have here and the. Yeah. But let me explain you do not like the leader -- of the Von -- -- -- did it. Very modern then you can road test this with -- to grant the right now. America -- human to transition so we have chance -- -- that she's just blurted say it's. And. It. You think splurge we did have a few as well ladies do the bigger beyond and you could tell us gentlemen don't know. And yeah to print over 3000. Dollars for this -- -- are -- to meet. And under 30 yeah. And here's the main difference -- -- -- from Urban Outfitters these are real leather and those are -- So -- -- -- of personal preference you can really grotesque the trend and move -- choosing fabrics that are. Not as you know supreme and not -- kind of -- her shirt back I think again like we said -- girls and how beautiful the looks great. And these are all things that are available right now you can go and Good Morning America dot com for more information you had to -- the -- other almost back out here please. And Josh it's -- yeah. -- I don't know gave them I don't know yeah. Yeah. On -- break up thank you. Congratulate -- It had a Good Morning America dot com and Yahoo! as Floyd set for full details of how to get these looks.

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{"id":15286908,"title":"Splurge or Save: Top Fashion Trends for 2012","duration":"4:56","description":"\"Lucky\" magazine contributor explains how to get great looks for less.","url":"/GMA/video/lori-bergamotto-ready-2012-fashions-15286908","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}