Clerks Accused of Stealing Customer's Winning Lotto Ticket

Prosecutors say Andy and Nayel Ashkar tried to con customer out of a $5 million ticket.
3:00 | 11/14/12

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Transcript for Clerks Accused of Stealing Customer's Winning Lotto Ticket
political capital. Now, to the elaborate sting by lottery officials to catch two brothers. They made headlines that they had a winning ticket. But the pair is accused of scamming the real winner out of the jackpot. Steve osunsami is here with the latest on that. Here's why when you have a clerk check a lottery ticket to if you won, you should sign it first and then ask for it back. Two brothers scammed one of their customers out of a winning tick ticket. And then, tried to claim the prize. Andy ashcar claims he bought that winning ticket himself, in 2006, at a syracuse convenience store where he worked. And then, waited six, long, years to split the money with his brother. I would hope that at some point in the last six years, he had been convinced that she did marry him for love. Reporter: Lottery officials say that was the first clue. Love or not, no one waits that long to claim $5 million. 5 million. Waited until now. Reporter: But they put out a detailed press release anyway, hoping it would lead them to the winner. Prosecutors are calling the brothers cheats and crooks, saying they swindled the ticket from a poor, old customer, authorities are calling john doe. A hard-working 49-year-old father of two, who is onop of the world this morning. In october of 2006, he was cashing in that winning ticket at the ashkar's corner store, confused by the number of zeros. He made a mistake of trusting the person who sold him the ticket. Reporter: Police say that andy told the man he won 5,000, as opposed to $5 million. And offered to pay him $4,000 on the spot to avoid taxes other complications. John doe took the cash. For six years, he has lived a pedestrian life, struggling and working hard. And I would be just thrilled to death to see his life completely changed around. Reporter: If convicted, 34-year-old andy ashkar could face up to 25 years for felony chargeles of criminal possession of stolen property. His 36-year-old brother, nayel, 15 years for grand larceny and conspiracy to commit fraud. In a statement, the lawyers told the brothers adamantly maintain their innocence. And have the strong support of their families and friends. John doe told authorities he had a nagging feeling he was cheated that day. Here's the happy ending to the story. Any day he is expected to come forward and receive that $5 million prize. Long overdue. He gets it even though the deadline passed? Because he's the real winner. Some heart-stopping video now. Made even more startling by the

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{"id":17714845,"title":"Clerks Accused of Stealing Customer's Winning Lotto Ticket","duration":"3:00","description":"Prosecutors say Andy and Nayel Ashkar tried to con customer out of a $5 million ticket.","url":"/GMA/video/lottery-ticket-scam-brothers-andy-nayel-ashkar-accused-17714845","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}