Louis Van Amstel: Dance to Drop Pounds

"Dancing With the Stars" pro reveals routine to get fit, trim waistlines in DVD.
2:36 | 01/17/12

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Transcript for Louis Van Amstel: Dance to Drop Pounds
We have lots within minutes of the bottom floor with the -- Kelly Osborne and meet the national again. Guys and the one thing that I've always noticed about your partners and everybody had his as the week's slide five pounds just seen him fly off and now live. Theory that brings the ball Roman all of its benefits of right to your house thanks for. The inherent thank you for having me where there is such a joy in watching you dance and and I would not -- there's something to that in terms of of the pounds falling off of your partners it is so rewarding to see your partner starred one way. And then three months later be complete different person like like with Kelly. And it's amazing and right now all I got these. You know my New Year's resolution must be shameless well hey Eli my babies I never gonna have a little off -- hair -- -- -- imagine having. I don't -- about Kelly really could be because yeah she danced. She was she -- the sizes away. And and the thing about dancing in my case with -- we find something that you really love doing it doesn't feel like exercise it doesn't feel like four. That's exactly what densities and that's what happens with -- -- of the show. But now it's time for the people at home. To -- -- -- as well and is really a -- in disguise because you're working out for an hour. -- -- don't feel like -- you just keep going on and that's why that's the secret of losing weight. By doing dance and that I'm very proud of having Bill -- -- TV series because in the whole package the first three dvds. He would all the dances I need to be fortified we can work -- specific body parts of waistline the legs out for the upper body with some -- And all through dance. You said that it's all about stabbed -- -- about building your core muscles. I knew how do you teach a class -- a lot of my girlfriends went to -- -- bring it to everyone at home -- question is first thing I asked was do I need to do this with somebody. No and that's the beauty of it. Because when you watch the show and what's this with the stars you always have to with a partner -- blast his partner free and you can still learn all these dances. And not get that little bonus of losing all that way. What if you don't have. You know -- more or dance background. Can you actually learn and it's great for me because he taught me how to do a couple of stats but at whom can I learn those steps. -- absolutely and that's why you have levels with level one is for the absolute beginner of the person that really needs to lose fifty or sixty pounds. Or simply feels they can't do it -- -- the uncoordinated. Anyone -- if you are willing to give up control. You can dance -- right -- if you're glad that -- -- you can do it.

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{"id":15377690,"title":"Louis Van Amstel: Dance to Drop Pounds","duration":"2:36","description":"\"Dancing With the Stars\" pro reveals routine to get fit, trim waistlines in DVD.","url":"/GMA/video/louis-van-amstel-releases-fat-trimming-dvd-15377690","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}