The Love Curse: Are People Unlucky in Love or Is it Their Own Fault?

Vivica A. Fox and D.L. Hughley discuss why some people have trouble finding love.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for The Love Curse: Are People Unlucky in Love or Is it Their Own Fault?
america." Big quest boy, the love curse, does it exist? I hope not. We'll go "toe to toe" on this. We've got two special guests joining us. He is one of our favorites and great comedian and great friend of our, she as well. She's a producer and actress on the upcoming tv show "mr. Box office" on tbs and tnt. That's right. Let's welcome d.L. And vivica! well, well, well. All right. Back stage, we flipped a coin. No. D.L., What do you think, man? So -- some people are just perpetually unlucky in love? I think if you see a beautiful woman by herself, either she's made a choice to be by herself, or nobody can stand her. That would beet curse? It's not a curse. Just you get on people's nerves -- I mean, like -- I don't care how beautiful a woman is, some man is going, damn, is she coming home right now? You can get -- it's not a curse, you just get on people's nerves. What do you think the love curse is caused by? In today's society you want instant gratification, text meerks skype me, call me, it's me, me, me. We don't live love a chance. Romance is just dead. The old days of opening up the car door, taking you out to dinner. Cooking for your gentlemen, that's what I'm saying. so I feel like women get portrayed as more cursed in love. There's a lot of hollywood starlets, oh, is she curseed? What do you think the reason is, if she's not finding love repeatedly? Is she choosing the wrong guy? Is it behavioral -- all of the applications, she's taking a wrong -- take a whole new approach. I think if you jump into love the shallow head of the pool head first. After you hit your head a couple time, speaking from experience -- I'm telling the truth -- you know you kind of like -- you should slow your roll. I think if you take the time to get to know a person, to make sure that mr. Wrong doesn't show up, that you will find mr. Write. There was a lot of drawings before I kissed a prince. You have to do it differently, so you're not cursed. D.L., Do you -- with -- you're still going with "she's just awful"? A beautiful woman who makes a lot of money, she's beautiful and sexy, she is alone, either her breath is horrible or she's crazy as hell. That's really all. Is she cursed in love? Not really. Please explain that. Here's the thing. You basically have to understand that most men -- I don't want to say this outloud. Just do it. Obviously, guys can be cursed in love too. But we don't take it as hard as you guys do. We're not on the phone crying all of the time. We just run through a lot of people until we add something up. Doesn't everybody like want to have a partner? Okay? Like a great partnership? Man, woman? A couple of partners that say, that's what we want, like, like -- I'm just serious. See, I don't know. What's going on? Anybody heard any good jokes? Look at this beautiful studio audience -- [ cheers and applause ] no, I will say this very quickly. Everything, especially with regards to people in the spotlight, if you're -- if every tiny move of someone is covered, constantly, it's -- everything ratchets up. You can't -- you can't have an exchange a cross word or a glance. Even if you didn't actually exchange a crossed look, if a PHOTOGRAPHER STOPS 1/16th OF A Second in time, it can turn into a story. You have that -- guys giving away roses on tv so we can propose by the commercial break. I think we have taken romance and commodityized it. I found women only need one thing to make them happy and that's every damn thing, everything. Agreed, agreed, agreed. Correcting -- again, we want to thank these two. D. Almost and vivica. You can see this fellow september 4th live at the belle theater in charlotte, north carolina. If you're wondering you might have seen in the promo your hair. It's now long because you started shooting -- and they preferred long hair. Here we go -- you know. It's beautiful. Hey, everybody, vivica and

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{"id":17116907,"title":"The Love Curse: Are People Unlucky in Love or Is it Their Own Fault?","duration":"3:00","description":"Vivica A. Fox and D.L. Hughley discuss why some people have trouble finding love.","url":"/GMA/video/love-curse-people-unlucky-love-fault-17116907","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}