3 Men Surprise Girlfriends with Proposals on 'GMA'

Women had no idea their trip to NYC would end with an engagement.
6:44 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for 3 Men Surprise Girlfriends with Proposals on 'GMA'
-- rather -- the moment is finally here we've been telling you about it all morning long on the love lives spectacular where three women. Get the ultimate surprise of their lives gay marriage proposal on national television right here in the middle of Times Square -- we've been keeping everything under wraps -- that they don't know. And those three men who are about to show. The courage and bravery of a thousand lions are standing by -- Carl Cameron mathison right now how they do -- -- they'll all asleep. You guys are doing pretty pretty well we aren't -- how he's feeling I'm -- tonight and I'm super excited to propose on my TV and it is nothing. Really that's you're an amazing guy -- and just how do you think Bridget is gonna react ball whenever Bridget gets inches -- stairs either runs serves what's been sold off -- -- -- -- -- So they won't be prepared for Brothers and an earlier tour asked if you're nervous like anybody would be what did you -- -- about the dancing. Nothing like a little dance and take the edge -- a lot proposal wool and ordered to let everybody get to know you guys a little bit better you and your girlfriends. Let's take a look at this. You're about to -- six lives change for at -- John schwada Enbridge Stephen and -- -- real Tim and terror. Three couples are head over heels in love and this morning these guys will go to wouldn't portable links to prove it. She's -- everybody else -- their -- won't get along we love everything. With a grouping together but you can interiors. But she -- -- -- for people who know us they know that we're so different from each other but what they say opposites attract and Wii Fit together like puzzle piece she. -- everything everything everything I think about every -- I just knew it comes back I want to let go. Making -- the woman I have no idea what's about to happen they think they're here this morning for a -- segment on Valentine's Day dates. We gave -- this -- questionnaire to July. What they don't know is -- guys have actually been busy rehearsing a massive proposal -- the hard Times Square. Women have realized -- their boyfriends and the crowd. -- -- -- So will -- -- keep their cool. Will the women say yes. It's time for love alive. Aren't now we should tell you that everybody -- here did not see the piece that you just saw. At home it is time to get to -- in this big surprise -- morning it's just in time for Valentine's Day. -- take your respective positions -- Looking so. United Nations now. Everybody in the event they did pretty well there are now looking. Would like to sales of -- to -- -- -- to go ahead. -- the woman of my dreams. I love you so much and I can't imagine spending another second without you. Let's make one day every day starting today. Okay. -- -- The next thing. Is it you're my best friends and loved so much. Posted on -- very. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Okay. -- Good job where we have also by the combined here's Steve. Congratulations everybody. Did -- did anybody seen this coming at all. Hello. But it -- only the question yeah yeah. This are preparing for a Newlywed. Game rentals -- -- -- OK so let's suck you guys maximum Bowden got a New Year's Eve party -- -- -- time did you know right away. Be honest -- it's a good it'd take a long time to figure out but you know once -- moved up there and got things going it was great I heard that. I've heard from too many women candidates if you ever proposed to be live. How how wasn't I wasn't -- not eating and talking. That very very well thought out it's terrific -- -- -- how surprised. Yeah right yeah you. Did you -- Affleck come -- yeah yeah. You should there wasn't delusional and their relative. Yeah yeah political did not not in the army and it's it's time. And never gets old and a son -- -- proposal to but we wanted to did you guys have any idea any idea at all. Right before -- -- six. Oh yeah. -- ready. Still the best day. I think again apparently -- earlier than on CNN I do I feel like I. Makes it began still there you can save every store you -- -- senior prom but you were not each other's days now yeah it's. We wouldn't -- this friends. -- up that night and we remained friends after that that is we knew. We -- good for each other that is actually you'll pay on behalf -- all of -- here -- Good Morning America. Congratulations congratulations. Okay. -- Okay.

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{"id":15554911,"title":"3 Men Surprise Girlfriends with Proposals on 'GMA'","duration":"6:44","description":"Women had no idea their trip to NYC would end with an engagement.","url":"/GMA/video/love-live-men-surprise-girlfriends-proposals-gma-15554911","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}