Woman's 'GMA' Makeover Decided by Viewer Vote

Tashamonique Howlett, 29, let viewers vote on every element of her new look.
3:02 | 07/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman's 'GMA' Makeover Decided by Viewer Vote
It all cops down to this for our beauty in a flash poll. Viewers weighing in on every piece of a new look for our lucky makeover candidate. Tashamonique before you, our viewers voted and the moment is here. So tashamonique who has not seen herself till this very moment. Come on out. Oh, my goodness. Wow! Are you ready? Take a look at yourself. Oh! Yeah, take it all in there. Take it all in. Look at you. Look at your hair. Look at that necklace. You look absolutely gorgeous. I'll put you back here so our cameras can take it all in and just want to ask you first when you look in that mirror, what did you see? Oh. Beauty. Oh. What felt most different, what felt most right and like you inside? My body. It felt different. So, thank you. And I know you're getting married. Just feel so authentically like you. Greta, let me ask you. Making me teary. The viewers did it but why does it work together? It works because she first of all, a wrap dress as you know is unbelievably flattering. This is the magic right here. She's got an amazing curvy body trying to cover it up and instead we did a wrap now for girls 5'6" and under, don't go too full on a skirt and brought it a little and made it straight, "V" neck is amazing. You got rid of the "A" line. Yesterday our girl had an "A" line. Here I went straighter and that's what I think made her react to her silhouette looking so slim because this is your body. The bag is a great choice. Viewers, you nailed it then we have glasses from vision work our sponsor because you look like a movie star so you might as well play the part. That's right. You do hair for you name them. Every star and then our star. I love this cut. Kelly Ripa sort of has this. How does this work for tashamonique. I'm telling girls cut your hair to a bob. It can be a different look. Come on, Lara. Let's just do it. Okay, because I think it's many different lengths, a shorter bob that we did. I think it's sexy and current and fashionable and fashion and hair kind of dictate each other and I think the designers designing shorter hair now. I want to thank Mali and miss pop, the nails. We went with that cool pattern. We don't have time to get into it all but check our website. Thank you to our amazing bake makeup skwauld.

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{"id":24464683,"title":"Woman's 'GMA' Makeover Decided by Viewer Vote ","duration":"3:02","description":"Tashamonique Howlett, 29, let viewers vote on every element of her new look.","url":"/GMA/video/lucky-gma-fan-beauty-flash-poll-makeover-24464683","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}