Lululemon Founder Blames Women's Bodies for See-Through Clothes

Chairman Chip Wilson said some women's bodies "don't work" for their pants.
3:00 | 11/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lululemon Founder Blames Women's Bodies for See-Through Clothes
Now, we turn to new charges for lululemon. The company has had a tough year. Now, customers have new complaints about their pants. Check out who the company's chairman is blaming. Abc's paula faris has all of the details. Reporter: This morning, lululemon chairman, chip wilson, is finding himself in a precarious position. And we're not talking downward dog. Some women's bodies actually don't work for us. Reporter: In this controversial interview with bloomberg tv, the mogul blames the issues with the yoga plants on the size of the women wearing them. It's really ant the rubbing through the thighs. How much pressure is there. Reporter: The cringe-worthy comments comes months after the elite fitnesswear company recalled three styles of yoga pants because the fabric is see-through. Now, they're giving what is supposed to be a new and improved product. Some customers say the pants are still too sheer, and that they peel after a few months of wear. Not everyone can wear a lululemon pant. I think they can. It's how they use it. Reporter: This isn't the first time that wilson has exercised the foot in mouth pose. In the past, he claimed his pants become see-through when women buy sizes that are too small on them. He's blaming the customer for what is likely a quality control problem within the company. So, I think that makes customers sort of resentment. Reporter: That resentment, coming across loud and clear on the internet, with women across the country, calling wilson's comments insensitive and irresponsible. After a comment like that, no. I have no interest in buying anything from the company. Reporter: And the women we spoke to agree. First of all, he doesn't know anything about yoga because yoga is very inclusive. Your thighs touch and you feel good about it, right? Yes. Especially in the winter. Reporter: Lululemon doesn't seem to be bending over backwards to make amends. For "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. We got a lot of response on twitter. Rebecca. Get over yourself. Maybe my wallet just doesn't fit you anymore, either. Weighing in on the other side. Brian, lululemon shouldn't have an obligation after market/make their products for everyone. Cites abercrombie & fitch there. You might not want to blame the customers. I didn't go to business school. But I don't know. I don't want to tell everyone how to run their business. But if you make clothes for a certain group of people, you should be able to sell them. But you shouldn't insult everyone else. The point is, why don't we -- don't be mean. How about that? I like that. That's our new catchphrase. Let's move on, everybody.

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{"id":20814399,"title":"Lululemon Founder Blames Women's Bodies for See-Through Clothes","duration":"3:00","description":"Chairman Chip Wilson said some women's bodies \"don't work\" for their pants.","url":"/GMA/video/lululemon-founder-blames-womens-bodies-clothes-20814399","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}