'Lunchtime Lipo': Does Lightning-Fast Procedure Work?

L.A. liposuction expert says his quick fat-zipping procedures can be done on a lunch break.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Transcript for 'Lunchtime Lipo': Does Lightning-Fast Procedure Work?
So this is your yes OK all this and we're -- bigger firms today to look like. -- Ramirez is about to get liposuction. On her lunch break. In just 45 minutes this doctor promises to give a brand new skinny arms it's a trouble spot that's plagued her since childhood. No matter how much I diet or exercise I feel that my conscious. Don't slim down. -- familiar refrain this time of year. When all that holiday bingeing feeds the need for those guilt ridden resolutions we rarely keep. But what there was a short cuts. Area. A magic wand he could wait to make that holiday flab disappear. Better in the bucket that in your body that's volatile people. Meet Erin Rawlins the self proclaimed light -- doctor to the stars can you hear your. The we won't name names he says come award season celebs flock to his Beverly Hills office when -- -- fat removed fast. We can only fit to address to the bottom so much and -- -- but the bottom drugs. And business is booming because who wouldn't want Angelina Jolie's arms or just appeals waste or beyoncé is well anything. Doctor -- says he can help make -- -- portals look like starlets sometimes in under an hour. But is this quick -- too good to be true. Doctor Roland says his patented air -- laser like those technique is actually much safer and more precise -- the crude fat extraction he passed. Usually when you get local. With standard techniques that -- -- you got hit by a truck. It's so minimally invasive that patients remain awake during the procedure and can even go back to work when it's over earning its nickname -- might -- Blanca is actually one of doctor Rawlins is regulars over the years he sculpted her chin and carved -- away from her tummy. -- -- different say what they thought I lost weight and -- talent yeah. After today's procedure -- says she'll finally be satisfied. Telling voters about 90% art and 10% minutes. Doctor Rawlins who founded delete body sculpture considers himself an artist the human body -- canvas. What when someone else -- order to vote. How did you create excessive nudity sort of just remove the stone with the ball. -- in my case I'm just removing Arafat disposable. And he sketching out his next masterpiece on Jamie stone's face Jamie is delightful -- but the -- based blogger has always hated her chin. With my blog now I do more -- on camera and in a lot more photos than I think with. Kind of the rise in social media you see yourself a lot more often than you would at ten years ago not her website has gotten more exposure she hopes doctor -- can help enhance her online profile. A wider -- -- Alternate -- That is going to be a 100%. Wrong. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's taken doctor -- over 5000 procedures to perfect his technique and now he can come and work on just about any part of the body. Still makes. The highest to -- sheets. You name it. Later this afternoon taking a -- steps from her abdomen and putting -- her breasts. To do natural breast augmentation job for us -- well no not at all because the fact that comes -- -- this is like frozen yogurt place. So -- that allow us to do exactly what war. Blonde as arm make over he's about to begin but first a little laughing gas to take a job -- are -- -- Just waiting for Kabila and he injects many of numbing fluid into her arms I think -- more than you aren't. And finally. Breaks out the fat melting -- And here it goes to this is moving give over a thousand times a minute you feel anything book -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I literally feeling that houses appeared. As you paid strippers to smaller -- smaller. And he says instant fat removal also has a lasting emotional benefit the whole of Europe broad -- few years. Since junior high. And so only arms are beautiful and skinny. It's very encouraging and you -- to go to the -- even -- you're tired after work. Because you're excited about your results and you want more. But why -- -- the -- packages that got around to it from me and you know that's not what I've seen really the better people look the better they wanna look -- -- more motivated. So we know how easy it all looks but is lunchtime -- -- release -- There is no such thing -- doing anything to the body without risks especially making permanent change like office. But doctor -- claims the risk of infection or complications using his -- a rough equivalent to getting it tooth pulled. Critics warn though that is used improperly. Laser assisted life spoken carry a high risk of deformity he'd have -- it from liposuction. Absolutely the vast majority of complications of little section -- happened with. -- -- techniques for example wondered general anesthesia which has its own risk factors in complications. That's -- hearing that was my next question. His desire to have the arm. It's been about 45 minutes doctor Rawlins has removed about a soda can with the fat but this quick fix doesn't come cheap. He usually charges between three and 101000 dollars depending on the procedure. You look -- why did you do it get your own risk adverse credit you know and -- -- always I guess you're never happy NN. Does that mean. That you're never got to be -- and hot links in the camps and I have not done -- not just hitting the gentleman. Sitting to my diet. After a few minutes recovering just as advertised. Blanca is back at her desk at a nearby doctor's office. Blanca is a pro what is that line for this is this is a no fly zone but doctor -- next -- Jamie as the first time jitters there's a mirror we don't -- touch. And this tells don't. -- -- -- -- Nothing a -- tranquilizers can't solve. They want you to take -- -- Hilliard put the white -- -- -- -- -- -- It looks more delicate surgery this stuff play a more delicate surgery. Every millimeter counts. -- naturally here whether you -- After twenty minutes of mild discomfort. Jamie is done the worst part seems to be this bizarre chin -- -- -- to -- to manage swelling. You must be excited to yeah. I think my greatest concern now is go into the arms. Doctor Rawlins assures -- swelling will go down just three weeks after surgery that it's the new Jamie. She's -- posting pictures of her chin on FaceBook there are really excited for me and slightly jealous -- But will she be able to maintain her new sculpted -- line over time. And just today we met up with her on her lunch break but it's been nine months since my surgery and I'm -- are really happy with their results. You know as -- can see my intent is definitely smaller and it's really everything I could asked for. Blanca seems equally pleased with her recovery these are her new arms just weeks after surgery Saudi field. There's not much more he can do with -- back -- -- doctor Rollins always seems to be on the hunt for fresh meat. I try not to bring my work home with me. But occasionally when I'm driving I see it doubles him and I'll just like all -- please. Really just need you to come noon will be take care of us. For Nightline I've been keeping my jacket on his I've had a wanted to -- -- don't how are things I'm juju Chang in Beverly --

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{"id":21460220,"title":"'Lunchtime Lipo': Does Lightning-Fast Procedure Work?","duration":"3:00","description":"L.A. liposuction expert says his quick fat-zipping procedures can be done on a lunch break.","url":"/GMA/video/lunchtime-lipo-lightning-fast-procedure-work-21460220","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}