'LUV': Common and Michael Rainey Jr Talk to 'GMA'

Lara Spencer talk to the stars of "LUV" about their roles in the new motion picture.
2:14 | 01/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'LUV': Common and Michael Rainey Jr Talk to 'GMA'
Joining us, now, grammy-winning rapper and actor, common. His hit series, "hell on wheels." He and michael rainey jr., making his big screen debut, starring together in a new coming of age story. It's called "luv." We welcome you both to "good morning america." Common, tell me about your character and this uncle vincent. He's having quite a day. Uncle vincent is a person who has an american dream. He wants to fulfill his dream and take care of his family. He's just been recently released from prison. And he wants to be a father figure to michael's character, woody. I want to talk to you more about that. But let's show everybody a clip and give them an example of this valiant effort that uncle vincent makes in love. Every man needs to learn how to drive. This is park. Reverse. Neutral. And drive. Let's go. He wants hard to do the right thing. But he doesn't seem to have the tools. It's a situation that exists a lot within inner cities and in america. We have, like, men who haven't been taught properly how to -- i think the story's poignant in that way. Let's talk about the title of the movie "luv," l-u-v. What's that about? That's what is learning uncle vincent. It's about his character learning about life and learning, through his uncle, what life is about. After going through this experience with your new friend, common, is acting something you can see yourself sticking with? Yeah. Is this a career? Yeah. I like to act. You're quite a natural, my friend. Thank you. I think big things are coming. Do you agree? Very much. He's acted with them all. This guy is so gifted. He's a blessing to us. Yeah. His future is infinite. Thank you, michael. We look for big things to come. As usual, common, thank you for coming. Will you come and sing and talk to us again? Yeah. Everybody, check out kwp

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{"id":18191561,"title":"'LUV': Common and Michael Rainey Jr Talk to 'GMA'","duration":"2:14","description":"Lara Spencer talk to the stars of \"LUV\" about their roles in the new motion picture.","url":"/GMA/video/luv-common-michael-rainey-jr-talk-gma-18191561","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}